“Donna Leon” star: Hessian film award for “Commissario Brunetti”

Frankfurt – From 2003 to 2019 he played “Commissario Brunetti” in 22 episodes of the ARD crime series “Donna Leon”. On Thursday, Uwe Kokisch (76) received the Prime Minister’s Honorary Award at the Hessian Film Prize!

Steffi Kühnert (57 “My neighbors with the big dog”) and Godehard Giese (48, “Innocent”) were awarded the best actors.

Further winners of the Hessian Film Prize

► Best feature film: “Coup” by Sven O. Hill. Prize money: 23,000 euros.

► Best Documentary: “Who we were” by Marc Bauder. Prize money: 20,000 euros.

Best actress: Steffi Kühnert

Photo: picture alliance / Jens Büttner /

► Best short film: “Your Future” by Maren Wiese & Petra Stipetić. Prize money: 4000 euros.

► Best script: “Before the Dark” by Nicolas von Passavant. Prize money: 7500 euros.

Teaser picture

Best Actor: Godehard Giese

Photo: picture alliance / dpa

► Best university film: “MILK” by Jennifer Kolbe. Prize money: 7500 euros.

► Newcomer Award: Brenda Lien (15). Prize money: 7500 euros.


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