Donations and gifts of use, instructions for use

Joy of giving, pleasure of receiving! The most privileged individuals end the year with additional savings of over 100 billion euros! They will therefore be tempted, perhaps, by the idea of ​​sharing it with their loved ones. In 2017, 34% of French people said they were saving for those around them and in particular for their children and grandchildren. How to go about it ?

You can give every fifteen years, in total exemption of rights, up to 100,000 euros to each of your children. It is the most commonly used donation. But it is not necessarily wise to come and start it unnecessarily. Indeed, keeping the benefit of this device could prove to be very useful when transferring goods in bare ownership. This in order to carry out the transmission of heritage during his lifetime. It is therefore better to favor exceptional donations of sums of money. Two conditions must be met to benefit from this device: on the day of transmission, the donor must be under 80 years old and the beneficiary

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