Doji gifts on Tet holiday cost under VND 4 million

Doji gilded Buddha statues, paintings, handicrafts … are suitable as gifts to grandparents, parents and friends on Tet.

Gifts made of pictures, statues, lucky money … made of gold or gilded are often chosen as gifts on holidays, New Year … to express their interest and wish for many good things. to the recipient. VnExpress Shop recommends some 24K gold plated products of Doji, suitable as gifts for relatives and friends on Tet. The products are being sold at a 25% discount.

Kim mai ton bud decreased to 3,891 million dong; Size 20 cm x 10 cm x 18.5 cm; 24K Gold Foil Gold Coating.

The Do The Buddha - Kim Bao Phuc handicraft gifts covered with 24K gold DOJI DJDE1064 - Gold 1,260,000 VND (- 25%) The product is stored in a glass box - Made of 24k gold-covered copper - Suitable for a desk , on a car ... - Size: 7x4x8cm manufactured with modern technology with 24K gold outer coating and Asian feng shui symbols attract positive energy, signify the deep meaning and leg Sincere devotion will be an extremely luxurious and meaningful gift to each person.

The degree of Buddha’s degree decreased to 1.26 million VND; Size 7 cm x 4 cm x 8 cm; made of 24K gold-plated copper; in glass box; Suitable for at the desk, on the car …

Rich and precious peace card DJDEPHUQUY19Đ - Gold 165,000 VND (- 25%) - Size: 5x8 cm- Suitable as gifts in the New Year.

Rich and precious peace card reduced to 165,000 VND; Size 5 cm x 8 cm.

Unique 24K gold-plated lucky red packets 2,250,000VND (- 25%) The product is exclusively distributed by DOJI gemstones and gold.Product information: - The product comes with a box - Suitable as a gift in occasions Tet holiday.- Product size: 135 * 95mm- 0.8G 24K gold- Box size: 123 * 175mm

24K gold-coated unique lucky money decreased to VND 2.25 million; size 13.5 x 9.5 cm; with box included.

Laminate gold-plated prosperity needle painting - KBP DOJI's art gifts DJDE0918JF-CF-373 - Gold2,992,500 VND (- 25%) Products exclusively distributed by DOJIS Products covered with inlaid gold Products with trays It is suitable as a gift for special occasions. It can be used for making wall paintings and can be used on the desk Product size: 35x26x4 cm With product meaning and value, manufactured by modern technology 24K gold outer covering and Asian feng shui symbols attract positive energy, signifying the deep meaning and sincere sincerity will be an extremely luxurious and meaningful gift to each person.

Gold-covered gold-plated wealth painting reduced to VND 2.99 million; Size 35 cm x 26 cm x 4 cm; Can be made for wall or on the desk.

In addition to the above products, Shop VnExpress also has many Doji gifts sold at preferential prices. See more and purchase here.

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