Dogs: The boss of the animal shelter cannot get rid of killer kangals

Taucha (Saxony) – The fatal bite attack on Laika the puppy was two weeks ago. Three kangals had attacked the little dog and several walkers in a field in Dewitz. A girl (14) was injured and was taken to hospital with bite injuries.

It is now clear: two of the Turkish herd guard dogs, which weigh up to 60 kilos, have been classified as dangerous by the district police in northern Saxony! The third will be subjected to a character test. As long as they have to stay in the animal shelter in Leipzig – much to the annoyance of animal shelter boss Michael Sperlich (55).

“We are not happy that the Kangals are here,” he told BILD. “You are one of the toughest colleagues when you have gone hunting in such a aggressive manner. Originally such herding dogs were bred to kill wolves. These animals could never be passed on, even if they are probably least able to help. “

Shelter manager Michael Sperlich (55) is concerned

Photo: Schumann

As BILD reported, the dogs are said to have escaped from the property of their alleged owner Holger W. (45) through an open garden gate. He is being investigated on suspicion of negligent bodily harm.

According to the city administration of Taucha, he must now undergo an aptitude test as a dog owner, show special liability insurance and guarantee escape-proof accommodation for the animals. Only then is there a possibility that the dogs will return to him.

But what if you don’t? “Then we have to at least try to find a new caregiver for the dogs,” says animal shelter Sperlich. But this could take time …

Teaser picture

Even this dog has little chance of being mediated

Photo: Silvio Buerger


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