Dogs attack woman: both arms amputated after pit bull attack

Kyleen Waltman (38) had no chance against the fighting machines …

According to US media, the American was attacked by three pit bulls. The injuries are so severe that both arms had to be amputated below the shoulders. This is what her sister Amy Wynne writes on the Internet.

Accordingly, the 38-year-old is in a hospital, her condition is still critical. She has bite wounds all over her body, and part of her intestines also had to be removed. Possibly even part of the esophagus. “It’s the scariest thing I’ve ever seen,” says Amy Wynne.

The brutal pit bull attack happened on Monday in the 4,000-inhabitant town of Honea Path, South Carolina. Apparently Waltman was walking down the street when the dogs attacked her.

Kyleen Waltman before the attack. The American is in critical conditionPhoto: Facebook/Kyleen Waltman

A passer-by saw the attack and intervened: by firing his gun into the air, he was able to scare the beasts away. The victim was then taken to a hospital in a rescue helicopter. The injuries were so horrific that Kyleen’s identity could not be determined at the hospital, according to Shenna Green, another nurse.

It is not yet clear how the animals escaped. However, one thing is clear: owner Justin Minor was temporarily arrested and released on Thursday on bail of $ 15,000 (equivalent to just over 13,500 euros). He is due to appear in court shortly for the attack.

Small consolation for the family of the victim. Nurse Amy: “The attack could have been prevented. If the dogs had been caged or chained, this would never have happened.”

The family has started a fundraiser for Kyleen Waltman. At “Gofundme” people can give money for the treatment of the 38-year-old. So far, more than 80,000 dollars (almost 73,000 euros) have been raised.

The pit bulls were caught and secured. What happens to the animals is not known.


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