Does your laptop overheat, these tips will help you

Cooling Fan
The problem of overheating comes more in old laptops, so avoid using old laptops. If your laptop is old then get its fan fixed. The cooling fan of the laptop protects it from overheating. It has to be cleaned from time to time so that it does not get dirty. Due to the removal of dirt, it gets spoiled  or it reduces the cooling. In such a situation, get the cooling fan of the laptop fixed.

pillows, blankets do not run on laptops
Do not run the laptop on pillows, blankets or quilts. Laptops take air from below for cooling.  If you run the laptop on these things, then the laptop will not be able to have good air ventilation. The laptop should always be run on a flat surface.

two three in days laptops keys < strong>Cleaning  
Laptop overheats due to accumulation of dust in the airflow path. In such a situation it is necessary that  laptop should be cleaned continuously every two to three days.

work after laptop to rest < strong>Give 
Laptop runs continuously for several hours during work from home. Therefore, whenever the work is over, the laptop must be given some rest. The laptop must be shut down before sleeping.

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