Does everyone follow the rules? – This is how Germany celebrates Corona New Year’s Eve

Berlin – The countdown to the end of the year is on. But this year everything is different – as so often in the Corona year 2020. Because New Year’s Eve falls exactly into lockdown.

BILD follows all day and night how Germans celebrate the New Year – or not.

Because on New Year’s Eve only gatherings of people from your own household and another household are allowed, whereby this may not be more than five people in total. Children up to 14 years are not counted. Meetings are strictly prohibited on the streets.

The curfew from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. on New Year’s Eve also applies throughout Bavaria. So you are only allowed on the balcony or in the garden at midnight. Municipalities in other federal states have also imposed nocturnal exit restrictions, such as the Gütersloh district (North Rhine-Westphalia).

So be sure to inform yourself!

The year will not end with a bang as usual. The sale and distribution of rockets and New Year’s Eve crackers (category F2) is forbidden nationwide this year. This has never happened before!

Berlin has even banned the sale and distribution of sparklers, table fireworks and snap peas (category F1).

In Berlin, the area around the Brandenburg Gate is cordoned off as it is every year, but hundreds of thousands won’t be celebrating the New Year here. There is only a live broadcast for television in front of a ghost backdropPhoto: dpa

But that doesn’t mean that firing on New Year’s Eve is generally prohibited. There is no uniform regulation, namely the cities and municipalities decide individually. In some cities, such as Dresden, fireworks are prohibited in public and private places. Elsewhere it is allowed on your own property, other municipalities only have regulations for designated places and streets.

Nobody can really see through that anymore! Therefore, the authorities are particularly present on the night at the turn of the year. In Berlin, for example, 2900 and in North Rhine-Westphalia 5800 officers from the police and public order offices will monitor and enforce compliance with the corona rules.

BILD will keep you up to date on the developments on New Year’s Eve.

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  1. Where you can boar today and where not

    Who can I celebrate New Year’s Eve with, where and how? BILD maintains an overview and explains the respective rules in all 16 federal states. You can read everything you need to know here.

    Photo: dpa

  2. New Year’s Eve in the shelter because of the queue alarm

    You could jump out of your skin! Because of a snake skin found in the cellar, all residents of an apartment building in Dortmund now have to spend the turn of the year with friends, relatives or in emergency shelters. Read the whole article here.

    Snakeskin was found in the house.  It is unclear whether the reptile is poisonous

    Snakeskin was found in the house. It is unclear whether the reptile is poisonousPhoto: news4 Video-Lin

  3. New York is planning New Year’s Eve in Corona

  4. This is how Australia welcomes the New Year

    Sydney (Australia) – The world has started the new year with big fireworks – but mostly without visitors. As every year, innumerable rockets lit up the sky over Sydney Harbor on Friday night at midnight. In contrast to the rest of the world, only very few visitors were allowed in the Australian metropolis due to the corona pandemic.

    On the other hand, things looked completely different in New Zealand, where, thanks to strict entry bans, no new corona case has been registered for weeks. Huge crowds gathered in Auckland and other cities to marvel at the midnight fireworks.

  5. Are we really happy that 2020 is finally over

    For many Germans, 2020 was a difficult year, not least because of the corona pandemic. Then things can only get better in 2021 – right?

    The opinion research institute INSA asked the Germans on behalf of BILD. You read the result here.

  6. New Year’s Eve will be frosty and cloudy

    The old year goes cold and wet, and cold and wet begins 2021. Winter weather with rain, snow and sleet. Hope makes us because deep Julia. You can read the entire weather forecast here.

    Photo: dpa

  7. New year’s address by the Chancellor

    “Dear fellow citizens” – you will hear this sentence for the last time on New Year’s Eve from Chancellor Angela Merkel (66, CDU)! You can read the background and broadcast dates in this article.

  8. Berlin prohibits the sale of sparklers

    Sparklers, snap peas and Co. – even such party gags are not allowed to go over the counter in the capital on New Year’s Eve. The Senate forbade that! This so-called category 1 youth fireworks display may normally be sold to and used by twelve year olds all year round.

    Read the whole article here.

    The Berlin kiosk operator Tolga G. (39) lacks the New Year's Eve business:

    The Berlin kiosk operator Tolga G. (39) lacks the New Year’s Eve business: “I’m not even allowed to sell sparklers”Photo: Ralf Günther

  9. Can I fire old firecrackers?

    For some, New Year’s Eve without firecrackers is like Christmas without a tree. Because of Corona, a lot is different this year: The sale of pyrotechnics was generally prohibited. On New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Eve there is also a nationwide ban on gathering and gathering.

    Whether you are still allowed to bawl, and if so, where, read here.

  10. This is how the world celebrates the New Year

    Follow the arrival of the New Year worldwide here. 2020 has already started in Australia and parts of Asia.

    Like every year big fireworks at the Harbor Bridge in Sidney (Australia)

    Like every year big fireworks at the Harbor Bridge in Sidney (Australia)Photo: dpa

  11. Here is New Year’s Eve all year round

    Take a look at our mini-documentary about Germany’s most explosive family!

  12. The court partially overturns the ban on firecrackers in Nuremberg

    Ansbach – The Ansbach administrative court partially overturned the nationwide ban on firecrackers in Nuremberg. On Thursday morning, the chamber partially granted an urgent motion from Nuremberg, according to a court spokesman.

    MEANS: After that, applicants are allowed to set off fireworks on their private property on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s.

    BUT: Apart from this exception, according to the city of Nuremberg, there is still a ban on firecrackers on all public and private areas.

  13. This applies to Dresden and the surrounding area

    There is a total ban on firecrackers in Dresden – it is even forbidden to take them along. The police will control this. There are fines of up to 25,000 euros. In Löbau and Görlitz there is a ban on firecrackers in public places. You can read more information here.

  14. That applies in Berlin on New Year’s Eve

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