Doctors provide first aid training for VM Ha Long volunteers

Quang NinhThe doctor introduced common injuries and first aid methods to more than 200 volunteers on duty at VnExpress Marathon medical teams on 24/7.

The doctor and the leader of the medical teams of VnExpress Marathon directly attended the training session for volunteers. The content is mainly related to, position, tasks and basic operations when supporting athletes and organizers during the event. Many groups are divided into small classes to ensure specific and detailed instructions for each department.

Volunteers receive shirts and hats from the organizers. Image: Pham Chieu

The sharing session focused heavily on the common heat stroke situation when running in hot weather like in Ha Long. First, it is necessary to correctly identify the symptoms of heatstroke to get timely support. The most noticeable manifestation is dizziness, dizziness, increased heart rate, breathing rate, shortness of breath, cramps, more severe may be fainting, coma… In this situation, runners need to rest immediately. instantly. Because the longer it is left, the worse the prognosis, so first aid measures play an important role.

“If there is a case of someone suffering from heatstroke or heatstroke on the track, they should rest in a shady, cool place. Take off towels, hats, gloves, loosen clothes to release heat, remove salt stagnation on Then there are measures to rehydrate the running legs such as drinking cold water, electrolyte water. Apply cold to areas with large arteries passing through such as armpits, groin, neck and cool fans to reduce body temperature.” , a representative of the medical team shared.

In addition to medical issues, the running security team is also trained in the necessary skills to ensure safety for the day of the competition. The team leader directly guides the basic operations, imparts experience and distributes shirts to volunteers. The training session took place in a fun atmosphere, many members said that this was the first time volunteering at a sports event.

Nguyen Duc Thien, a student of Quang Ninh Medical College shared: “At first, I was quite worried and nervous, but after being guided by the doctors on the basic operations plus the application of professional knowledge, I have a lot more confidence. This is definitely a good memory in my student life.”

The tournament expert instructs volunteers to use the pain reliever spray.  Photo: Pham Chieu

The tournament expert instructs volunteers to use the pain reliever spray. Image: Pham Chieu

In addition to supporting the athletes and the organizers, VM’s experts also note that the volunteers ensure their own health and safety, actively communicate and adhere to the time.

VM Ha Long has 1,100 volunteers divided into 18 groups in charge of the bib distribution area, the running track and after the finish line. In which, watering, running track, referee, finish line, cheerleader, finisher shirt, post-race items, chip mat, sending item (600 people); racekit Kun Marathon, photo, video, stage, logistics (150 people); Kun kid (90) people; running and medical security (200 people); food court (30 people).

VnExpress Marathon Amazing Ha Long will officially kick off on July 24 at Sun Square, Ha Long city. The event attracts more than 11,000 athletes across the country, so volunteers are an indispensable force, contributing to the success of the tournament. Visitors to Ha Long on this occasion will be able to participate in travel experiences and immerse themselves in exciting sports events.

Thanh Lan

VnExpress Marathon Amazing Ha Long has the companionship of Vinmec. This is a modern international general hospital in Vietnam with full specialties and many support centers, high technology, and special high-class equipment.


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