Doctor Sylvie Abraham: pioneer of intimate female surgery

Passionate about surgery, Doctor Sylvie Abraham followed a multidisciplinary training course during her internship. When she became a plastic and aesthetic surgeon, she decided to develop an unexplored field, intimate female and male surgery, of which she quickly became the pioneer.

A passion for intimate female surgery

Doctor Sylvie Abraham publishes his work in international congresses to give more aura to his specialty. His vision and methods have greatly contributed to the development of intimate medicine and surgery, constituting today an essential branch of innovative plastic surgery.

Intimate surgery concerns women of all ages, even late, with two objectives: aesthetic embellishment and an improvement in the quality of sexual life. This double purpose gives it all its legitimacy.

Contrary to popular belief, intimate surgery is not frivolous and is not a fad. The requests are never the result of a whim but of real suffering. And yet, intimate female surgery is still a taboo subject. Women find it hard to talk about it and don’t always get the listening they deserve.


For many women, the appearance of their gender represents, as for their face or their silhouette, a reflection of their femininity. Women can be complexed by the labia minora protruding from their vulva and experience physical discomfort during sex or even sports. In addition, the fashion for pubic hair removal increases this disgrace.

Doctor Sylvie Abraham has thus developed a personal technique of nymphoplasty carried out “to measure”. The surgeon uses technical refinements ensuring simple consequences and above all natural results. She sometimes associates it with a reduction of the clitoral hood, an increase in the labia majora to redefine the vulvar slit or liposuction of an overly bulging pubis.

Nymphoplasty is performed at any age in outpatient surgery. It allows women to experience their sexuality without the anguish of the gaze of the other, they gain confidence and savor their freedom.

Vaginoplasty after a traumatic childbirth

A difficult childbirth can turn a woman’s sex life upside down, especially in the case of obstetric maneuvers such as forceps, suction cups or poorly closed episiotomy. Despite perineal rehabilitation, the vagina remains relaxed. The woman complains that she no longer feels anything during intercourse and her partner perceives the vaginal enlargement himself.

Doctor Sylvie Abraham is recognized for his expertise in surgical vaginoplasty called vagina lifting. This technique repairs the perineum, this muscular hammock playing an essential role for sexual sensations and continence.

Vaginoplasty helps to narrow the vagina and restore muscle contraction, thus increasing the pleasure of the woman and her partner.

It can be practiced even a very long time after childbirth.

For Doctor Sylvie Abraham, it is a real “à la carte” intervention with possible additional procedures: treatment of stress urinary incontinence, recovery of a painful scar from episiotomy and lipostructure (reinjection of fat) for plump the labia majora.

Intimate medicine for vulvar and vaginal restoration

Doctor Sylvie Abraham performs intimate medical treatments in his office, made painless thanks to the use of nitrous oxide. Another innovation from the practitioner for the comfort of her patients.

Sylvie Abraham is particularly interested in the treatment of menopausal disorders which should not sign the sexual retreat. Vaginal dryness and atrophy can now be prevented or treated with medical hyaluronic acid vaginoplasty. The pursuit of comfortable sexual activity is made possible by improving vaginal trophicity and lubrication.

Hyaluronic acid injections also magnify the G-spot to increase sexual pleasure.

You can also plump prematurely withered labia majora.

Finally, Doctor Abraham is an expert in the treatment of vaginismus with Botox according to a personal protocol.

But also more specific requests

Doctor Sylvie Abraham allows unfortunately excised patients to regain their femininity by benefiting from a reconstruction of the clitoris.

Reconstruction of virginity, or hymenoplasty, gives some young women the opportunity to respect family traditions for marriage.

Regenerative medicine at the service of the intimate

Regenerative medicine is one of the latest advances that Doctor Sylvie Abraham applies to the intimate domain. Nanofat is a regenerative cell therapy. It is obtained from the fat of the patient and contains growth factors which stimulate the regeneration of the tissues of the vulva and vagina.

Regenerative vaginoplasty can be offered to women from the first sexual disorders felt at the time of menopause, with even better results than those obtained with hyaluronic acid.

The nanofat is also used to treat patients with vulvar lichen.

We will conclude with a quote from Doctor Sylvie Abraham:

“If cosmetic surgery is surgery for happiness, intimate surgery is also surgery for sexual pleasure.”

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