Do you know the meaning of green and orange dot burning in iPhone, important for safety

iPhone Hidden Feature : If you use iPhone, then you must have seen the orange and green color dot burning next to the notch of the phone. Although rarely you must have tried to know that what do these two dots of different colors mean and why do they burn. Let us tell you today what is the secret of these two dots and how they are related to the security of your phone.

Meaning of burning of orange dot

If the orange dot is burning on your iPhone, it means that one or more apps are using the microphone of your device. You will see this orange dot burning whenever you use Siri Voice Commands, Notes Recording, Video Camera or Clubhouse Audio Room. In such a situation, it is a kind of alert. If you are not using any such app, but still this dot is lit, then understand that some app is recording things using your microphone.

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Meaning of burning green dot

If a green dot appears on your iPhone, it means that one or more apps are using your phone’s camera. It should also be understood here that if the camera is being used, then it means that the microphone is also being used with it. In this situation, the orange light will not light separately. Here the green light will be the indicator of the use of both the things. If you pay attention to this light, then you will be able to understand comfortably that no one is breaking into your phone.

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so what to do

If you are not using an app that has got access to the microphone or camera and still these lights are on, then if you have not opened any such app and still this If the light is on then you need to be alert immediately. You can block access to the microphone and camera by changing some settings. You can change the setting in this way.

  • First of all go to the phone’s setting.
  • After this you have to go to the option of Privacy.
  • In the Privacy section, you will see a tab containing the permissions of the camera and microphone.
  • You have to turn off the permissions of both the camera and the microphone.

How to know which app is spying

In iPhone, it is very easy to find out which app is spying on you. For this, you have to drag the finger down from the right side on the top of the phone’s screen. After this you will see Control Center. At the top of the Control Center, you will see the option of Permission Type. It will also have a camera and microphone. Along with this, there will also be information about which app is accessing what.


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