Djokovic still has a door to attend the Australian Open if his visa is canceled

(Sports News, Tennis News) Novak Djokovic is holding his breath waiting for a decision on whether or not Australian Immigration Minister Alex Hawke will use his privilege of canceling his visa as the start of the 2022 Australian Open draws very near.

Video reveals hot clip Novak Djokovic and coach Goran Ivanesevic practice waiting for Australian Open 2022:

Novak Djokovic is still trying to practice with coach Goran Ivanisevic in Melbourne (Australia) in the context that despite having just won a hearing in a hearing on January 10 with the Australian government, the risk of the world No. 1 player being absent from the Australian Open. 2022 (January 17-30) is still visible.

Djokovic still has a

Australian Immigration Minister Alex Hawke (left) may cancel Novak Djokovic’s visa on January 13 or 14

According to The Independent, although Australian Immigration Minister Alex Hawke has delayed whether or not to use his personal right to cancel Djokovic’s visa on January 12, the final decision may be made by the right man. This force is available today or tomorrow (January 13 or 14).

January 14 is also the day when the Australian Open organizers conduct the draw for the main round of the first Grand Slam tournament in 2022. Currently, the defending Australian Open champion and also the number 1 player in the world Djokovic is still ranked as the number 1 seed in the men’s singles at this year’s tournament.

If Australian Minister Alex Hawke decides to strongly cancel Djokovic’s visa for the sake of public health during the Covid-19 season, Nole will even be immediately expelled from Australia and banned from returning to the country of kangaroos for 3 days. next year. This is the darkest possible scenario for Djokovic, who has won nine Australian Open titles out of 20 Grand Slam singles men’s singles in his collection of titles.

According to Australian lawyer Greg Barns, who has experience in visa cases, Immigration Minister Alex Hawke has the “personal right” to cancel Djokovic’s visa without written notice or provide a reasonable time for Nole to respond.

According to the daily, if Djokovic’s visa is cancelled, his lawyers can apply to an Australian court to request an order to suspend his client’s deportation from the country for a period of time. certain time.

Lawyer Greg Barns said that if the government made the decision to deport him after Minister Alex Hawke canceled Djokovic’s visa, the Serbian tennis player still had nine days to present arguments and evidence to “reverse the situation. “in court.

“It could be a way to give Djokovic a chance at this tournament (Australian Open) but then still kick him out of the tournament,” Harns said of Nole’s ability to attend this year’s Australian Open but will be disqualified. Australian authorities expelled him while he was competing in any round.

Djokovic still has a

Nole can still attend the Australian Open 2022 in the case of waiting for an appeal if his visa is cancelled

Meanwhile, immigration lawyer Simon Jeans, who is based in Sydney, said there were “a lot of flaws” in Australian law regarding Djokovic’s case and that the Department of Immigration would have to spend some time. time to ensure that any cancellation of visa leaves no “evidence of appeal”.

“It’s not an easy task because if they cancel Djokovic’s visa and then he wins (appealing) but still misses the chance to play (at the Australian Open 2022), he can claim to be in the game. reimbursement of his bonus and all his legal fees,” Jeans said.

Meanwhile, according to journalist Angel Garcia, on COPE radio (Spain), Spanish authorities are investigating the suspicion that Djokovic violated epidemic prevention rules when he entered Marbella from Serbia on 31. December 2021 to attend a meeting at SotoTennis tennis academy.


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According to Dang Duc (Collected from Khaleej Times & UBI Tennis) (Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Magazine)


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