Djokovic is obsessed with surpassing Federer – Nadal, the tennis star’s wedding turns into anxiety (Tennis 24/7)

(Sports News, Tennis News) Tennis News from December 21-27: According to former Wimbledon champion Marion Bartoli, Djokovic is obsessed with surpassing Federer and Nadal to become the Grand Slam King. Meanwhile, the wedding of an Argentine tennis star is at risk of a Covid-19 outbreak.

Former Wimbledon champion: ‘Djokovic has always been obsessed with surpassing Federer and Nadal’

Speaking to Sportkeeda, Marion Bartoli, former French female tennis player who won Wimbledon in 2013 Marion Bartoli said that Novak Djokovic is always obsessed with having to overcome Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal by all means to become a male tennis player. most Grand Slam titles in history.

Djokovic is obsessed with surpassing Federer - Nadal, the tennis star's wedding turns into anxiety (Tennis 24/7) - 1

Djokovic has balanced the record with 20 Grand Slam men’s singles like Federer and Nadal in 2021

Nole had the opportunity to do so in the US Open final, but he lost to Daniil Medvedev in three sets. But according to Bartoli, Djokovic can completely rise to monopolize the record of 21 Grand Slam men’s singles in the 2022 season.

“The most important thing for Djokovic right now is that he has broken Pete Sampras’ record for the number of times he finished the year as the world’s number one male tennis player. His goal right now is just to increase his number of Grand Slams to 21, or 22, and make sure Federer or Nadal can’t catch him. I think that will be his only obsession next year,” Bartoli said.

Video Novak Djokovic missed the opportunity to win the 21st Grand Slam when he fought Daniil Medvedev in this year’s US Open final:

Panic at the wedding of Argentina’s tennis star, easily becoming an outbreak of Covid-19

According to Marca, the wedding of Andrea Collarini, an Argentine male tennis player who is ranked 262nd in the world with his wife, Delfina Novillo on December 18, is at great risk of becoming a Covid-19 outbreak when both the groom and The bride tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 virus a few days after the wedding.

Djokovic is obsessed with surpassing Federer - Nadal, the tennis star's wedding turns to worry (Tennis 24/7) - 3

Both the groom Andrea Collarini and the bride Delfina Novillo contracted Covid-19 just a few days after their wedding, where many guests were invited by many famous Argentine tennis players.

Guests at the Collarini couple’s wedding are all self-isolating and taking tests to see if any of them are infected with Covid-19.

Notable guests in the Argentine tennis industry to the wedding include tennis players Federico Coria, Tomas Etcheverry and their coaches Carlos Berlocq, Juan Ignacio Londero, Facundo Bagnis, Renzo Olivo, Andres Molteni and Guido Andreozzi.

They are all isolated and waiting for the results of the second PCR test after having negative results on the first test.

Many of these players have planned to share a plane to fly them from the capital Santiago (Chile) on December 27 to Australia to prepare for the Australian Open early next year. Coria and Molteni are also on the list of Argentina players participating in the men’s team cup ATP Cup 2022 taking place from January 1-9.

The world’s number 1 female tennis player is about to marry a handsome golf star

Ashleigh Barty, the current world No. 1 female tennis player, has revealed that she and her fiancé, handsome golfer Garry Kissick designed the engagement ring together as they celebrated the big event in November. past.

Djokovic is obsessed with surpassing Federer - Nadal, the tennis star's wedding turns to worry (Tennis 24/7) - 4

Ashleigh Barty is happy with her fiancé, handsome golfer Garry Kissick

Speaking to the Herald Sun, Barty said: ‘Garry and I have been together for a long time and I designed the ring with him. Right now, we’re clearly excited about the next chapter of our lives (referring to the wedding).”

“We were at home, sitting on the sofa together and playing with the puppies. Only us. That is perfect.”

Ex-girlfriend accuses Zverev of abuse, complaining that ATP “did not keep his word”

More than a year has passed, but Alexander Zverev is still being pursued by his ex-girlfriend Olga Sharypova, accusing him of violence when she claims to have been badly beaten by the German tennis star in November 2020.

Djokovic is obsessed with surpassing Federer - Nadal, the tennis star's wedding turns into anxiety (Tennis 24/7) - 5

Olga Sharypova revealed that the ATP had never contacted her to verify the investigation into the alleged abuse of Alexander Zverev

Despite the fact that the World Men’s Tennis Professional Association (ATP) confirmed on October 4 of this year that it will investigate the above incident, recently, Sharypova confirmed that the agency has not contacted her to try white-black clarification of accusations aimed at the Tokyo Olympic champion. “ATP has never contacted me to investigate Zverev,” Sharypova told Tennis World USA.

Shapovalov followed in the footsteps of Nadal, contracted Covid-19 before the Australian Open

The world’s 14th-ranked male tennis player Denis Shapovalov has just revealed that he tested positive for Covid-19 when he arrived in Australia to prepare for the 2022 Australian Open (February 8-21 in Melbourne, Australia).

The Canadian “Morning Star” said: “Hello everyone, I just wanted to inform you that when I arrived in Sydney, I tested positive for Covid-19. I am following all disease prevention procedures, including isolating and notifying everyone I have come into contact with.”

“I am also experiencing mild symptoms and look forward to returning to the field as soon as possible to ensure the necessary safety. Thank you in advance for your support and wish you a safe and happy holiday,” Shapovalov said.

Djokovic is obsessed with surpassing Federer - Nadal, the tennis star's wedding turns into anxiety (Tennis 24/7) - 6

Both Nadal and Shapovalov contracted Covid-19 after competing against each other for the third prize at the recent Mubadala World Tennis Championship.

Besides Shapovalov, another name that has just attended the Mubadala World Tennis Championship 2021 in Abu Dhabi (UAE) is also being treated for Covid-19 as Rafael Nadal. At that demonstration tournament, Shapovalov also beat Nadal 6-7 (4), 6-3, 10-6 in the third place match after the last set they had to play in a super tie-break.

Video of Shapovalov’s comeback against Nadal at the Mubadala World Tennis Championship 2021:


Djokovic did not attend the ATP Cup, the mystery is whether he will give up at the Australian Open or not

(Tennis news) Djokovic will not attend the ATP Cup and many people are interested in knowing if he will miss the Australian Open.

According to Dang Duc (Synthesis) (Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Magazine)


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