Djokovic is attacked by Mad Guy McGregor, Nadal fights Tsitsipas (Tennis 24/7)

Monday, January 25, 2021 10:07 AM (GMT + 7)

(Sports News, Tennis News) January 19-25 Tennis News: “UFC Crazy Guy” Conor McGregor criticizes Novak Djokovic for overreaching claims regarding the easing of quarantine rules in Australia Open. Meanwhile, Rafael Nadal promises to have problems in the upcoming ATP Cup.

Being criticized by “The mad guy” McGregor for demanding “breaking the fence” Covid-19, Djokovic dances like a playboy

Last week, world No. 1 male tennis player Novak Djokovic sent a number of proposals to the organizers of the Australian Open 2021 (February 8-21) to loosen the rules with 72 participating players being completely quarantined. whole hotel in Australia. They were those traveling on flights to Melbourne with Covid-19 cases. Some players have complained about the poor living conditions and likened the quarantine area to a prison.

Djokovic takes the sarcasm from “UFC Crazy Guy” McGregor

But Djokovic’s suggestions were bluntly rejected by the big bosses of the Australian Open this year. Recently, Conor McGregor, a former UFC fur and lightweight champion, criticized Nole for the aforementioned controversy.

In an interview with The Express, the Irish Republican “Crazy Guy” said: “I am quite surprised at the behavior of some of the players and how they want to create this controversy. We all have to do it. Yes, there are risks of infection going on around the world and we must prevent any.

They have a duty to do what they can and should be grateful for the opportunity to take part in such an important tournament with just a 2-week quarantine.

McGregor continued: “I want to ask the players to act together and accept all the anti-epidemic rules. They have to feel very happy to still be able to play. Many others still have.” can’t go to work yet and kids aren’t back in school. So should tennis players complain about two weeks of isolation?

Despite being criticized by public opinion for “breaking the fence” during the Covid-19 season, Djokovic recently attracted attention when he was stripped naked and danced “like a playboy” on the balcony of his hotel in Adelaide where he was quarantined. before flying to Melbourne to begin his journey to defend the Australian Open.

Video Djokovic topless and dancing passionately on the balcony of the hotel where he is quarantined:

Nadal and runner-up Spain have difficulty in ATP Cup 2021

According to the new draw results announced by the ATP Cup 2021 (February 2-6), the defending Spanish runner-up team is in Group B, the “death table” of this year’s tournament with Greece and home team Australia. Rafael Nadal will have the opportunity to rematch Stefanos Tsitsipas, the young Greek tennis player who won 6-4, 2-6, 6-3 in the Madrid Open semi-finals in 2019.

Djokovic suffers from 'Crazy Guy'.  McGregor attacks, Nadal fights Tsitsipas (Tennis 24/7) - 2

Nadal will have the opportunity to rematch Tsitsipas when Spain and Greece are in Group B of the ATP Cup 2021

Meanwhile, the defending champion of the ATP Cup, Novak Djokovic’s Serbian team is in Group A with two rivals Germany and Canada. Group C includes Austria, Italy and France. Group D brings together Russia, Argentina and Japan.

Video Novak Djokovic sows Rafael Nadal in last year’s ATP Cup final singles single match:

Federer does not believe he has served 2 million times

In an interview with Tennis World USA, Roger Federer happily revealed: “I definitely haven’t done 2 million serves in my life. I don’t think my shoulder will stand it. feels that I may have made 2 million hits in my life.

If you include all the training sessions plus the official matches as a basis, you can do that. Maybe I actually hit the ball 2 million times. But I wonder who counted all the bubbles floating in the water. You have to shoot a slow motion video and it is difficult to accurately count that number. I don’t know “.

Djokovic suffers from 'Crazy Guy'.  McGregor attacks, Nadal fights Tsitsipas (Tennis 24/7) - 3

Federer does not believe he has hit the milestone of 2 million successful serves in his career

Bernard Tomic’s girlfriend was “stoned” for lamenting … washing her hair

Bernard Tomic, the famous bad guy of Australian tennis, is considered the “best number” player at the Australian Open this year while quarantined at a hotel in Melbourne and sharing a room with his girlfriend, model beautiful Vanessa Sierra.

Recently, the catwalk girl Vanessa Sierra has been fiercely “stoned” by public opinion because of her posting on her personal Instagram page, complaining about the difficulties in the isolation area, including washing hair not as expected.

Djokovic suffers from 'Crazy Guy'.  McGregor attacks, Nadal fights Tsitsipas (Tennis 24/7) - 4

Beautiful model Vanessa Sierra had to correct her because she was quarantined with her boyfriend, Bernard Tomic

“Long Legs” 26 years old recently had to post a vlog on YouTuber sorry for this. Vanessa shared: “During this Covid-19 season, a lot of people went through hardships. I will have to pay more attention to my speech. I want to apologize to everyone. I was unintentionally offended. I have no intention of offending anyone, but all sharing about my life is for fun. “

Video of model Vanessa Sierra wriggling at the hotel in the quarantine with her boyfriend, Bernard Tomic:

The ability of Serena Williams to win Wimbledon this year is “less door” than the Prince of England said goodbye to his wife

The Daily Mail said that many bookmakers in the UK have bet Serena Williams will be crowned the Wimbledon women’s singles championship this year (June 28 – July 11) at 6/1 (put 1 to 6). . This odds is even lower than the “door” on the possibility that Prince Harry and his wife, Princess Meghan Markle divorce in 2025. This number is given by the top bookmakers in the fog country as 3 / 1 (order 1 to 3).

Djokovic suffers from 'Crazy Guy'.  McGregor attacks, Nadal fights Tsitsipas (Tennis 24/7) - 6

Serena Williams has been in decline since giving birth

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle left the UK to move to the US last year. But on January 14, they returned to Buckingham Palace to settle. Princess Meghan is rumored to be carrying Prince Harry’s second child.

Djokovic suffers from 'Crazy Guy'.  McGregor attacks, Nadal fights Tsitsipas (Tennis 24/7) - 7

Prince Harry and Princess Meghan Markle

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Murray officially missed the match Djokovic and Nadal at the Australian Open why?

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