Djokovic is advised to go home by legend, Tsitsipas taunts Nole

(Sports News, Tennis News) According to a legend of women’s tennis in the world, Novak Djokovic should go home as soon as his visa is revoked by the Australian minister.

Video Novak Djokovic beat Daniil Medvedev in 3 sets in the Australian Open men’s singles final 2021:

Legends of Navratilova and Tsitsipas attack Djokovic

World media widely reported, on the afternoon of January 14 (Vietnam time), Australian Immigration Minister Alex Hawke canceled Novak Djokovic’s visa despite the Serbian player’s name on the list of competitive tennis players. The draw ceremony for the Australian Open 2022 men’s singles branch took place 1 day before.

Djokovic was advised to go home by legend, Tsitsipas taunts Nole - 1

Women’s tennis legend Martina Navratilova advised Djokovic to go home instead of attending the Australian Open 2022

According to the draw, Nole, as the defending champion and number 1 seed in this content, is scheduled to fight his first match against fellow countryman Miomir Kecmanovic on January 17 at Melbourne Park.

If normally, once deep, Djokovic can face Matteo Berrettini in the quarterfinals, then Alexander Zverev or great rival Rafael Nadal in the semifinals on the way to find the 10th Australian Open title and also the Grand. The 21st slam of his career.

However, everything ended soon for Djokovic when he was forecasted that it would be difficult to reverse the situation with the new ruling of the Australian Immigration Minister, although Nole and his people are trying to continue to appeal to the Court.

Recently, female tennis legend Martina Navratilova suddenly advised Djokovic to return home instead of “trying to eat sticky rice” to attend the Australian Open 2022 in a scandalous way when he did not publicly announce whether he had been vaccinated or not vaccinated against the epidemic. Covid-19.

The owner of 18 Grand Slam singles games told Sunrise on January 13: “The best thing Novak should do, in my opinion, is he should say, ‘You know, so many mistakes have been made. , this is not okay at all and the best thing I should do is go home.”

“It’s the right thing for Novak to do, but I don’t think he’s going to do it because he still wants a 21st Grand Slam title.”

Navratilova continues: “Your personal beliefs must give way to what is better for those around you as well as your peers.

“If I was in a similar situation and didn’t want to get vaccinated because I was worried it might affect my body, other people would still get vaccinated because it’s the right thing to do and my country requires it. “.

“He has the choice not to get vaccinated and not play. But if he tests positive for Covid-19, he can choose not to leave the house and go out.”

Meanwhile, a colleague of Djokovic’s, Stefanos Tsitsipas, has criticized him. The Greek world number 4 player told WION TV channel: “It is certain that Djokovic has played by his own rules and is doing what not many players have the courage to do, especially after The ATP publishes certain criteria for entry-level players.

Djokovic was advised by the legend to go home, Tsitsipas taunts Nole - 3

Tsitsipas lashed out at Nole

“No one can really think, ‘I can come to Australia without vaccinations and without having to follow the rules they put in place. This will put the tournament at great risk.”

“I chose to be vaccinated and 100% ready for whatever is coming so I don’t have to worry about anything else. As for Novak, he did it differently. It doesn’t really mean that my way is right and his way is wrong. It’s just a personal decision,” Tsitsipas said.

According to a survey by the NewsCorp media group on two Australian newspapers, the Herald Sun and The Daily Telegraph, 83% of those surveyed wanted Novak Djokovic to be expelled from Australia.

Nole was not “touched” by the Spanish Interior Ministry

Regarding a recent incident about the world’s No. 1 tennis player, an internal source from the Spanish Interior Ministry confirmed in Politico newspaper denying that the agency was investigating Novak Djokovic, whose home in Marbella is suspected of illegally entering Spain at the end of December last year.

“That news is untrue. The government did not order and there was no open police investigation related to that athlete,” the person revealed.


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According to Dang Duc (Collected from Express & Marca) (Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Magazine)


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