Djokovic: Frogs die in the mouth!

(PLO) – Showing off his medical exemption when millions of Australians were forced to get vaccinated, Novak Djokovic became a thorn in Australia’s vaccination campaign.

The world’s number one male tennis player is not against the COVID-19 vaccine, he only opposes the mandatory vaccination. Wherever he goes, the 34-year-old tennis player is interested in whether he is exempt from vaccination or is allowed to refuse vaccination?

Status line showing “medical exemption order”

Everything changed completely on January 4, when Djokovic was preparing to fly from Dubai to Melbourne (Australia) with a status line on social networks: “I am coming Down Under with a medical exemption”.

Before Djokovic’s revelation, across the ocean in Australia – a country where people have endured all kinds of difficulties for a long time to repel the COVID-19 epidemic, there was an immediate backlash. It sparked a chain of events that culminated in two decisions to cancel entry visas, forcing the Serbian tennis player to leave Australia according to the latest ruling on the afternoon of January 16. Djokovic left Australia with a suitcase in less than 24 hours before the start of the Australian Open, which he was the defending champion.

Djokovic’s visa to Australia was issued on November 18, with a medical exemption approved by the expert panel of TA (Tennis Federation of Australia) and the Victorian government, and a travel affidavit sent to the Department of Home Affairs. federal government issued by the Victorian government on January 1.

In his visa application, Djokovic was not required to provide details of his vaccination status but in his travel affidavit he did. The only reason why the nine-time Australian Open champion is exempt from TA is because he has recently been infected with COVID-19.

According to The Age, Djokovic’s medical exemption is granted by TA and confirmed by the Victorian state government, but has a rather limited weight right at Australian Customs.

Novak Djokovic paid dearly for his ambition to win the 21st Grand Slam in his career because of the “drawing cake” from Australian Open CEO Graig Tiley. Photo: GETTY IMAGES

Lost the chance to defend the championship

When it comes to TA insiders, when it comes to Djokovic’s medical exemption, no one was more surprised than Australian Open CEO Craig Tiley. Along with wanting the best player in the world to be at Melbourne Park, Mr. Tiley is said to know quite well what Djokovic will be forced to turn around when he arrives in Australia.

For months after the failed vaccination campaign, Mr Tiley lobbied behind the scenes in the hope that all athletes competing at the Australian Open would agree to be vaccinated. About one in 20 tennis players will make an excuse for this, most of which are “doctors back home asking to delay vaccination”.

On November 10, in the first time Mr. Tiley sent a letter to the co-chairman of ATAGI (Australian Technical Experts Council on Immunization) to raise the above urgent issue, Djokovic was not on this list, even though he was not on this list before. 34-year-old tennis player has been infected with COVID-19 for the first time.

Until the end of December 2021, Djokovic has not applied for a medical exemption, but the “subtle infection” (December 16, 2020) seems to open an opportunity for him to defend his championship title. at the Australian Open.

Djokovic’s face-off might not have happened if TA had listened to the first response letter from ATAGI, written by assistant Lisa Schofield (of the national COVID-19 task force).

In Schofield’s letter to TA, it reads: “ATAGI is not responsible for border control matters, however Australian Customs has advised that people meet the full immunization requirements set by ATAGI It is considered to be exempt from quarantine for entry into Australia”.

According to ATAGI advice, anyone with a history of COVID-19 should not be considered a contraindication to vaccination. Currently in Australia, people who have recovered from COVID-19 are advised to continue their vaccination schedule even if they are asymptomatic.

It was the letter written by Schofield on November 18 that became one of the important arguments, used by the Australian government and federal courts to clearly explain the reasons for the cancellation of visas for unvaccinated international visitors. full like Djokovic.

After the latest ruling of the Federal Court of Australia, Djokovic decided not to appeal and accepted to leave Australia. This also means that he cannot compete at the Australian Open that starts on January 17.

If only Djokovic didn’t make a fuss, don’t go on social media with words like challenging the country that is forcing everyone to get vaccinated, he certainly wouldn’t be in trouble like now.

Is it any different from “the frog dies in the mouth”?


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