District of Celle: Rind stops the train and accompanies him to the station

On a bitterly cold and stormy night, a regional train was slowed down on a railway line in the district of Celle – but not by a snowdrift, but by a runaway young bull.

He stopped the train on its way from Hanover to Uelzen. The young animal had probably found its way onto the rails from an inadequately secured pasture near Eschede.

“Even the electric pasture fences are obviously not guaranteed to have snow,” said the railway company Metronom on Tuesday.

The train driver informed the few passengers who were en route on Tuesday night with humor: “Before we continue, we will first get the cow off the ice for you.” Towards Uelzen.

The train driver followed the instructions at a safe distance at walking pace – until the animal disappeared into the dark night shortly before the Unterlüß train station. Where the young bull came from remained unclear.

For the travelers, the journey on the ten-kilometer section between Eschede and Unterlüß was delayed by around half an hour, as a spokesman said.

The train, which can travel up to 160 kilometers per hour, normally covers this distance in around seven minutes.


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