District of Bautzen: Deflagration in a campfire, 8 injured, including 4 children

Serious canister mix-up.

At a solstice celebration with more than 300 approved participants in the Saxon district of Bautzen, at least eight people were injured on Saturday evening – including four children!

According to the information, the incident occurred on Saturday evening in the municipality of Steinigtwolmsdorf (almost 3300 inhabitants).

When a campfire was lit there was a deflagration, the Görlitz police department told BILD on Sunday night. According to this, an “incorrect canister” was “probably” accidentally used to light the fire, causing gasoline to be dumped on the fire.

A mixture of diesel and oil should be used.

The accident report was received by the police at 8:20 p.m.

In the campfire accident, eight people were burned. Including the man (20) who lit the fire, two women (58 and 49), another man (38) and four boys aged 4 to 9 years. They were taken to nearby hospitals.

The fire brigade that organized the event was on site with three vehicles. Other ambulances, emergency doctors and rescue helicopters also came to the scene of the accident to take care of the injured.

Numerous ambulances were previously shown in photos. At least four rescue helicopters flew injured people in clinics. The photos also show a meter-high pile of branches that was on fire.


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