Distribute 150,000 condoms but advise…

Tuesday, June 15, 2021 00:35 AM (GMT+7)

The organizers distributed a large amount of condoms to athletes attending the Tokyo Olympics, but advised against using them because of social distancing…

Thus, the Tokyo Olympics up to this point have kept the same schedule for the opening ceremony on July 23. The organizers distributed 150,000 condoms to athletes but advised “keep it at home” rather than using it because of the “social distancing” rule.

“Keep condoms at home.” The word “home” here is understood as “store it and don’t use it” because all athletes who come to Japan are given condoms.

Tokyo Olympic Athletes Village is located on Tokyo Bay. Photo: Getty

The 1988 Olympics in Seoul, the Organizing Committee also distributed a large number of condoms because at that time there was an outbreak of HIV-AIDS. At that time, the organizers distributed condoms to thousands of athletes attending the Seoul Olympics and also stated the slogan “Stay at home” because at that time the HIV-AIDS epidemic spread very quickly and was transmitted through sex.

This time, the way COVID-19 is transmitted is much easier and more sensitive than sexual intercourse because COVID-19 is now spread through the air, especially the Indian, British and Indo-British variant strains spread very quickly. sensitive.

The Athletes’ Village at the Tokyo Olympic Games is also a challenging story for the Organizing Committee, because according to the Japanese side today, each meal in the kitchen serves two shifts, each shift 4,500 people gather in one space.

Source: https://plo.vn/the-thao/hau-truong/phat-150000-bao-cao-su-nhung-khuyen-cat-992751.html

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