Dispute over corona leash: cell phone data soon to be monitored?

Munich – Cell phone data to monitor the 15-kilometer rule in Corona hotspots. Mayor of Abensberg (Kehlheim district) Uwe Brandl (61, CSU) can imagine that.

Brandl says to BILD: “We could read out movement profiles from cell phone data. Everyone who buys on Amazon or Facebook reveals more of themselves than through a legally legitimate tool. Relief of the authorities such as the police, health department. “

Sharp criticism of the proposal came from the FDP. Even in the Bavarian state government, the move was reportedly met with only shaking of the head and skepticism.

Bavaria’s FDP parliamentary group leader Martin Hagen (40) said: “This proposal breaks a taboo. Germany must not become a surveillance state that puts digital shackles on its citizens. ”

Resolutely against the proposal: Bavaria’s FDP parliamentary group leader Martin Hagen (40)

Photo: Stefan Obermeier / Bavarian State Parliament

To spy on the movement data of 83 million people in order to control an already questionable regulation – that would meet bitter resistance from the liberals.

When asked about the FDP statement, Brandl says to BILD: “There is a deviation between health protection and individual protection in the typical FDP patterns. Put health protection behind. Liberality is the main priority for the FDP. “

Brandl shoots at the Liberals: “The health authorities are no longer tracking down. The FDP has nothing better to do than benefit from its liberalism. “


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