Dispute in Harlem – New York police officers shot dead

New York – Another explosion of violence in the metropolis of New York (USA). Again, cops are victims. One officer died on the job and his colleague was seriously injured, reports the AP news agency. A suspect was also killed during the shooting, sources said.

On Friday evening, after an emergency call, there was an operation because of a domestic dispute in the Harlem district. According to the police, a call came in shortly after 5 p.m. from a mother asking for help for her son. Three officers then went to the apartment on the ground floor.

Police officers search the streets of Harlem for cluesPhoto: Yuki Iwamura/AP

They spoke to the mother in a front room, then two officers went into a back room where the son was staying and shots were fired, reports a police officer.

The officer killed was 22 years old and had only been on duty since November 2020. His seriously injured colleague is 27 years old and had been on duty for four years.

Some of the chaotic scenes can be heard on the police department’s tape, including an officer screaming for help and another officer telling the dispatcher that two officers have been shot.

Ambulances race to the scene of the crime, a six-story apartment building. Police are blocking traffic on the way to nearby Harlem Hospital. The building is located one block between two famous Harlem Avenues: Malcolm X Boulevard and Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Boulevard.

Mayor Eric Adams, himself a former police officer, visited the hospital where the officers were taken after the shooting – it was the third time in four days that police officers had been shot at while on the move.

Investigators secure the murderer and search for clues in Harlem

Investigators secure the murderer and search for clues in HarlemPhoto: Yuki Iwamura/AP

At the entrance to the hospital, a line of officers stood shoulder to shoulder at the top of some stairs in a sort of vigil.

As recently as Tuesday night in the Bronx, an officer was wounded in the leg in a fight with a youth who shot himself. A narcotics officer was shot in the leg on Staten Island on Thursday.

The last NYPD officer fatally killed in the line of duty, Brian Mulkeen, was shot dead in a fight with a gunman in the Bronx in September 2019.


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