Disney closes Blue Sky, the “Ice Age” studio

Snow Queen was she right to The Ice Age ? Confirming information from Deadline, an American news site on Hollywood news, a Disney spokesperson announced the closure of Blue Sky, the animation studio behind the prehistoric saga, which entered the fold in 2019. giant with big ears during the acquisition of Fox.

Invoking “Economic realities”, Disney makes it clear that it can no longer afford to host three animation studios within it. Confronted with the health crisis which has closed the doors of cinemas, but also those of amusement parks, the American entertainment group prefers to bet on its “home” animated productions and those of Pixar, which it does not hesitate to share. ” moreover more to broadcast on its Disney + video platform (like Drunk, by Pete Docter).

As soon as Fox was absorbed, observers had expressed their fear of seeing Blue Sky drowning in the Disney galaxy. Installed since 1987 on the East Coast, far, very far, Hollywood, the studio cultivates a willingly crazy tone.

Shortness of breath

Specializing in computer-generated images, the company did not really launch into animation until 1998, with the release of Bunny, short film on the end of life of a great poetry by Chris Wedge which won the Oscar the following year.

PORTRAIT: Chris Wedge, a very discreet director

Then, The Ice Age obtains in 2002 the planetary success that we know (2.5 billion euros collected in the world for the saga of five films), giving birth to one of the most emblematic characters of world animation, Scrat, the squirrel that constantly runs after its nut.

Running out of steam, the saga was like a studio in a hurry to create profitable franchises in the long term, as it once again knew how to do with Rio (2011 and 2014), a twirling adventure of a macaw in the Brazilian capital. Disney has already launched production of a series derived from The Ice Age. But it will be without Blue Sky and its 450 employees …


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