Dima (3): “Dad, Daddy, when is my daddy coming?”

Mariupol – 38 days of war hell. The suffering – immeasurable.

The video of little Dima (3) in the Zaporizhia hospital touches the world and has been shared millions of times on the Internet. Hurt. Lonely. scared. Dima has only one wish: “Dad, when is my dad coming?”

The little boy in his sickbedPhoto: MARKO DJURICA/REUTERS

His papa won’t be coming any time soon. He too was injured by a Russian missile.

Dima’s tears make the terror of Putin’s war of aggression tangible. You can’t ignore, you can’t look away when Dima pleads again and again in a 59-second video on US television station CBS: “Dad! where is my dad He comes?”

Dima and his father were badly injured in one of the countless air raids on the embattled coastal city of Mariupol.

A feeding tube now feeds the boy. Tubes protrude from his nose.

Dima does not know that his father is in another room in the clinic. A nurse reassures him: “Yes, he will be here soon. Just don’t cry, okay?”

Yesterday there were renewed attempts to escort civilians out of the completely destroyed Mariupol in a convoy. “We are running out of adjectives to describe the horror people are going through there,” said an International Red Cross spokesman.

Little Dima gave voice to these people. She is weak, choked with tears and pain.


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