Differences among French women

Using lotion instead of make-up, love to wear sports shoes and most of the time giving birth at the age of 30 are common traits of French women.

Not asked when to get married

It is considered impolite to ask a girl when she gets married and why she still has no children. Even parents don’t ask their daughters such awkward questions.

In this country, you often see people getting married after 40, even after 50. This is considered to be completely normal.

Rarely wear a bra

Many girls don’t wear bras, especially those with small breasts. However, they still have a habit of wearing this item at work to avoid attracting others.

Do not flaunt your wealth

It is not good behavior to turn out to be rich in France. Even if a woman has large sums of money in her account, it is hard to see her buying luxury jewelry and clothes from famous brands.

A French girl can still hold an expensive real leather bag or expensive watch on her wrist. However, they only do so when they really can afford it, not trying to appear rich.

Usually wear sports shoes

If you see a girl wearing high heels on a French street, chances are she is a foreigner. French women especially like sneakers that resemble white converse shoes.

French girls love sneakers, they even match them with choreographing suites.  Photo: Styleguide.

French girls love sneakers, they even mix this shoe with “fake” suites. Image: Styleguide.

Choose skin care cosmetics instead of makeup

French women rarely wear makeup on a daily basis. Furthermore, they tend to buy skincare cosmetics more than makeup.

Don’t live with your parents after the wedding

French newlyweds almost never live with their parents after marriage. According to their point of view, a new family should live in a private space, otherwise it should consider postponing the wedding.

Do not give birth before age 30

Many people in this country think that having a baby at 25 is too young. That is why the average age to have a first child in France is usually around 30 years old.

Getting married and having a baby at the age of 20 is shocking in this country. Many people believe that this age group is trying to make a living, not enough money and experience to support their children.

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