Dieselgate: Did Renault cheat on its customers?

Did Renault and Volkswagen deliberately deceive their customers by selling them dangerous goods for their health? After five years of investigation, justice ended up indicting the two major manufacturers – which should be joined shortly in the same procedure by the two components of the new Stellantis group: PSA and FiatChrysler.

The accusation of “” Deception on the substantial qualities of a commodity endangering the health of humans or animals “ is serious, but the condemnation, it is still far from certain, because in this affair of the “dieselgate” many decisions taken by the manufacturers in these years when everything was allowed, can be classified in what one can qualify gray area.

A scandal that has revealed others

The indictment of the French champion is the aftermath of the first scandal of its kind: the now famous “Volkswagen affair” : in 2015, the American authorities discovered that to comply with the American legislation on harmful gas emissions, Volkswagen equipped its diesel cars with software that detects when checks take place, and the software then temporarily reduces polluting emissions. Since then, Volkswagen has paid the price in the courts of many countries, it has paid 30 billion euros in fines and its leaders at the time have all bitten the dust, before being sentenced to heavy fines.

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