Diamond fever – Berliner fell for alleged US soldiers

Dajana S. (48) knows exactly when she lost control. During a chat in July 2021. The saleswoman from Berlin writes about her flirt on Instagram, a man who might become her great love. He calls himself “Morrisson King”. Allegedly from Florida. U.S. Navy soldier. Stationed in Syria. With each chat, she trusts him more – and he becomes the man who ruins her.

They type their lives into each other’s mobile phone: Dajana S. is a single parent. He also. She has a baby daughter. He supposedly too. She lost her father a year ago. And he was watching his best friend on a mission – allegedly shot.

“I think that’s where he got me,” says Dajana S. “About the grief. From then on I was completely foggy. From then on he was able to lull me more and more. “

“Morrisson King” does it professionally. He is a so-called “love scammer”, a marriage swindler of the 21st century. He steals profile photos of innocent citizens from the Internet. Create an account, invent a name. Write to women on Instagram. Gains their trust.

This picture shows the supposed

This picture shows the supposed “Morrisson King”. The photo is stolen, belongs to an innocent AmericanPhoto: private

And then he allegedly sends them a package with valuable cargo – for which the women have to pay horrific fees twice or three times. The money flows directly into the pockets of the fraudsters via foreign banks or Bitcoin – in this case a gang from Africa, according to customs.

“Morrisson King” allegedly sent Dajana S. diamonds – sewn into a plush toy. “Plus important papers and cash,” she says. “He said he needed this for his time after the Navy.” For his future. Maybe with her. She should accept the package. Dajana S. says yes and writes her address to him.

“I then received a shipment tracking from a CTX company. Everything looked very realistic. ”But the package that never existed seems to get stuck – only in Turkey. “It was said that the package had to be insured. For 2800 euros. ”She pays.

An email from the bogus company

An email from the bogus company “CTX Parcel Delivery Services”. The money asked for taxes and feesPhoto: private

“Two days later the package was in Poland. CTX said I should pay customs tax: 9800 euros. ”Dajana S. pays again – in Bitcoin. Takes out a loan of 6,000 euros for this. “He put so much pressure on me. I was afraid of being responsible for diamond smuggling. “

After a few days I got another email from CTX. The package is in the warehouse of the main customs office in Garching near Munich. “I should pay 9,800 euros in customs tax again.”

Dajana S. googles “Zoll”, “München” and “Paket” – and comes across a website from Thomas Meister, spokesman for the main customs office. He warns of the packet scam on the net. Dajana S. calls him immediately – and is amazed.

Diamond fever: Berliner fell for alleged US soldiers
Photo: BILD

To BILD am Sonntag, Meister says: “I’ve been dealing with love cheaters for a long time – but it’s currently brutal. In eight weeks, 70 people called me about it. 95 percent women. From the saleswoman to the doctor. “

It’s the same scam over and over again: Flirt, package, money gone. Master: “Some paid 200 or 300 euros. Others up to 40,000 euros. “

Meister makes it clear: “Of course, German customs also require fees. But never on a domestic or foreign bank. Or in cryptocurrencies. Always through the federal treasury. “

Dajana S. no longer pays – but her nightmare is not over. “He asked for money right down to the last. He even threatened to send the Taliban home to me. ”She’s scared, but remains strong – and changes her number.

Dajana S .: “I cried a lot afterwards and was very annoyed with myself.” She knows: “He ruined my life” – and yet blames herself for it. “It was 90 percent out of pity.”

Now she is paying off the loan with the help of her adult children. And gradually regains control of their lives.

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