Detained Djokovic still dreams of turning his car to the Australian Open, Nadal is disgruntled

(Sports News, Tennis News) Novak Djokovic was once again under house arrest at the Park Hotel (Melbourne) while preparing to attend the early morning hearing on January 16, after he was canceled by the Australian minister.

Video Novak Djokovic and coach Goran Ivanesevic practice waiting for the Australian Open 2022:

According to Marca, after the visa was revoked for the second time on Friday (January 14) when Australian Immigration Minister Alex Hawke used his personal privilege to revoke Novak Djokovic’s visa, to Saturday (May 15). 1), the world No. 1 male tennis player was again transported by Australian authorities to the Park Hotel (Melbourne) for detention.

Djokovic was detained, still dreaming "spinning the car"  Attending the Australian Open, Nadal is disgruntled - 1

Revealing the image of Djokovic being escorted to the Park Hotel for the second time

This is the second time in the past few days, Nole has been “under house arrest” here after being arrested by the Australian Border Force on the night of January 5 on suspicion of entering with an invalid visa and not complying with the rules. Covid-19 epidemic prevention as prescribed in “kangaroo land”.

As planned, Djokovic will attend a hearing of the Federal Court of Australia starting at 9:30 am on January 16 Australian time, ie 5:30 am on the same day in Vietnam time.

In particular, Reuters news agency said, unlike the online hearing on January 10 in Melbourne when there was only one judge to run Djokovic’s case, the upcoming hearing of the reigning men’s singles champion The Australian Open will have up to three judges in attendance.

The identities of these judges have also been revealed. “This matter (2nd Djokovic hearing) will be heard by a trial of the Federal Court of Australia, consisting of Chief Justice James Allsop, Judge Anthony Besanko and Judge David O’Callaghan,” the representative said. court representative said on Saturday (January 15).

According to Reuters, the ruling from the three judges at this hearing will be final and the parties involved will not be able to appeal again.

Thus, assuming Djokovic and his lawyer can present convincing evidence, the player who holds the record of 9 Australian Open champions can completely reverse the situation to get a visa again and stay. Australia competes in the first Grand Slam in 2022.

Djokovic was detained, still dreaming "spinning the car"  Attending the Australian Open, Nadal is disgruntled - 3

Nole still hopes to stay in Australia to defend the Australian Open title

According to the results of the draw, Djokovic will play his first match in the first round against fellow Serbian Miomir Kecmanovic on January 17. If Nole is expelled, his spot will be replaced by a player from the “Lucky Loser” category (who lost in qualifying but was still substituted for another player at the last minute to enter the main round).

Meanwhile, Rafael Nadal, the archrival of this year’s Australian Open semi-final with Novak Djokovic, expressed his frustration when the organizers of this Grand Slam tournament and the Australian government did not immediately resolve the Nole scandal.

When asked about the difference of the Australian Open 2022 with and without Djokovic, Nadal replied: “Obviously Djokovic is one of the best players in history, and no one doubts that. But, it can’t be. “Which player in history is more important than a tournament. Players can play and retire and other players take their place.”

“No player is more important than the tournament, whether it’s Roger Federer, Djokovic, me or Bjorn Borg. Tennis will still grow. The Australian Open is more important than anyone. If Djokovic plays well, if not, the Australian Open will still be great.”


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According to Dang Duc (Collected from Reuters & Marca) (Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Magazine)


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