Despite incidence 141 – Brandenburg is planning openings

Postdam – Brandenburg surprised: Despite the daily increase in corona infections, the state government wants to allow sport and cultural events, restaurants, shops and hotel openings. As model projects in certain communities.

The openings should “serve to investigate the development of the infection process or to test digital systems for contact tracking,” says the draft of the new regulation (available from BILD). The Cabinet will decide on Tuesday.

The model projects should be possible regardless of the incidence. Prime Minister Dietmar Woidke (59, SPD) had mentioned an upper limit of 100 on Wednesday.

The openings should be allowed by the responsible ministries (sport, economy, culture) – “in agreement with the Ministry of Health”.

Only “if the incidence value in the community is significantly exceeded for more than ten days after the start of the project, it must be stopped immediately”.

The obligation of the districts announced by Woidke to take more stringent measures if the 100 threshold is continuously exceeded remains just a “target”.

New in the regulation

► Companies must offer employees one corona test per week.

► From an incidence of 100, florists also have to close, but nurseries and hardware stores do not. Cosmetic and nail salons can also remain open without any upper limit. But: The nightly Easter curfew is coming (10 pm-5pm).


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