Despite Corona !: DomStufen Festival without conditions?

Erfurt – Not only France’s national heroine Jeanne d’Arc had visions …

Guy Montavon (60), director of the Erfurt Theater, is also looking forward to the Domstufen Festival starting on July 9th with absolute confidence. And plan it as if there were no Corona!

Montavon: “Forecasts would be presumptuous now. The pandemic is constantly changing, which is why we are preparing the cathedral steps as we and Erfurt know them. “

Possible again soon? Full rows of chairs at the Cathedral Stages Festival 2015

Photo: Bild13 / Christian Fischer

There, Saint Joan plays the main role: Tchaikovsky’s opera “The Maiden of Orleans” (1879) will be performed in front of an extended grandstand until August 1st. On the occasion of the BUGA, the capacity is to be expanded by 400 to 2,400 places. In 2020, by far, only 500 guests were allowed!

The expansion is made possible by an innovation: the orchestra remains in the theater. Ultra-fast fiber optic cables then transmit the music live to the stage at the cathedral.

Teaser picture

Chief set designer Hank Irwin Kittel explained the model of the new set

Photo: Marcus Scheidel / MAS picture agency

And the set? This simply winds up the cathedral steps, creating a wave towards the audience!

Set designer Hank Irwin Kittel (60): “The twelve-meter-high construction will be a projection surface and represents the boundary between two worlds through which only the heroine and angels can move.”


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