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Bathroom prioritizes functional, minimalistic equipment to bring relaxation and comfort.

Equipment quality and function

The bathroom is no longer a side work but becomes a private corner expressing the host’s personality. Normally, the area of ​​the space is small, so the homeowner has to “contemplate” choosing the harmonious, just enough equipment, creating a sense of ventilation, not equipped with too many confusing details. Specifically, the family carefully chooses the color of the wall tiles to the place of the shower, washbasin and toilet area to calculate in detail.

The quality and function of the equipment are on top priority, because the bathroom is a place that easily generates many bacteria, mold, and takes a lot of time to clean and scrub. Choose a brick material with less dirt, a water-saving shower, or a toilet with clean flushing technology to completely remove dirt.

Share by Nguyen Quynh Nga.

Ms. Nguyen Quynh Nga (Hanoi) chooses a smart toilet, this helps reduce cleaning time, she has more time to take care of her small family. “The swirling water swirles everything clean and shiny,” she describes about the family toilet.

Appreciate the minimalism

Minimalism is also the trend of modern bathrooms. Mr. Minh Nguyen, Hanoi, shared: “I have to remodel my house, so I need to buy many things, I carefully choose to go back and forth to get some food I like”.

According to Mr. Minh, bathroom items such as a toilet should all be chosen with a smart design to not take up too much space in the toilet, the color and design are minimal enough to be luxurious enough and can be used. long term without being outdated. He also highly appreciated the water saving properties, the anti-fouling ability of porcelain enamel to help minimize the daily cleaning.

Mr. Minh Nguyen emphasizes minimalism when designing bathroom.

Mr. Minh Nguyen emphasizes minimalism when designing bathroom.

Subtle in every detail

With Ms. Truong Thi Thuy Chi, Hanoi, when choosing a toilet, she pays attention to the push button, she wondered “How can my child sit comfortably, push the button easily without using too much force”.

A thoughtful mother chooses a toilet with a light push button to help her child manipulate, and can easily clean, save time doing housework, more time playing with the baby.

Ms. Truong Thi Thuy Chi pays attention to the device to make it easy for children to use.

Ms. Truong Thi Thuy Chi pays attention to the device to make it easy for children to use.

Prioritize comfort

Ergonomic designs that create maximum comfort are preferred by modern fathers and mothers. Mr. Nhat Thanh Ngo (Hanoi) happily boasted: “Lately, it seems like” old “or whatever, it is easy to hurt people, even my personal hygiene also has many problems. the toilet bowl with a reasonably designed height helps him feel “super comfortable”, relax to use.

Design criteria for a young person's bathroom - 6

The bathroom is both a place to witness family moments, a relaxing corner after a tiring day. This is a place that deserves to be invested in genuine, quality, durable, aesthetically pleasing equipment, in harmony with the common space.

Le Nguyen

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