Denmark: Mink growers in receive millions in compensation from the state

Copenhagen – When more and more Covid-19 was diagnosed in the animals of Danish mink farms in autumn 2020, the Danish government decided at the beginning of November: All twelve million animals of the 1,137 breeding farms must die. Hectic slaughter began, mass graves were shoveled, and incinerators were in full swing.

Now the Danish government has agreed on a high level of compensation for the breeders. The Danish state will pay them a total of 18.8 billion kroner (2.53 billion euros).

Most of the breeders should have been worried about this for a long time, because a calculation by the Danish Ministry of Finance shows that the money covers the farms’ debts and also ensures a big plus in the account.

Indebted farms

Fur prices had fallen continuously over the past few years, as the demand for mink kept falling. Therefore, most growers have a huge mountain of debt. According to calculations by the Ministry of Finance, the average fur breeder has 1.17 million euros at the bank. On average, each breeder now receives 1.56 million euros in compensation.

With this he can cover all debts and is still in the plus with over 400,000 euros. There are also additional bonuses: breeders who undertake to switch completely and never work with mink again receive around 11,000 euros as an additional gift. Those who kill their animals particularly quickly in November also receive a speed bonus averaging around 67,000 euros.

Disposal by the state

The breeders don’t have to worry about their empty stables either – the state takes care of demolition and disposal. Tage Pedersen, spokesman and chairman of the Danish Mink Breeders Association, was satisfied: “That all sounds very fair.”

Some climate activists and animal lovers in Denmark are less enthusiastic.

Sikandar Siddique (“The Free Greens” party) tweeted: “18.8 billion for minks? YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME. I never want to hear again that we have no money for the climate, nature, schools, the socially disadvantaged, the homeless, refugees, hospitals, educators, short-time workers, refugees, better apartments. “

Climate activist Selma Montgomery wrote on Twitter: “Let me get this straight … the government cannot afford a new climate law because it would have ‘social consequences for society”, but it is giving 18.8 billion to a polluting industry, this is not a problem?”

Danish citizens are also appalled, for example Steen Schön: “Many of us socially disadvantaged, sick and disabled people can no longer shut up in amazement at how easy it was for politicians to find 18 billion crowns,” he wrote. “Messages rarely touch me emotionally, this time they do.”



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