Delta-8 THC and CBD Lawmakers Aimed at Legalizing Pot Growers

Delta-8 THC and CBD Lawmakers

Cannabinoids are one of the least studied forms of herbal medicine and delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, is responsible for that. In a study published in Nature Reviews, a team from the University of Glasgow, UK, report that despite being grown in controlled environments, THC in its pure, unadulterated form is extremely dangerous. It has the highest concentration of THC among all substances in nature, which makes it especially dangerous. This may explain why there are so many stories of fatal accidents involving marijuana and other forms of cannabis, including an interesting case in British Columbia in which the bride accidentally ingested some cannabis while at a spa. Luckily, she was not suffering from the overdose that could have resulted in her death, but the unfortunate side effect was her inability to operate a motor vehicle following that initial mistake.

delta-8 THC and CBD are two of the most important components of cannabis. Both act as a powerful natural neuro-stimulator, and when taken individually can produce a range of different effects on the human brain. But when these two chemicals are combined in what is called a delta-9-THC compound, they create what is called an entourage of powerful medicinal benefits. Medical studies in the US and Canada have shown that delta-8-THC reduces nausea, alleviates symptoms of depression and helps to protect the body’s immune system.

Delta 8 THC Legal

Medical cannabis is currently illegal in many states, including Colorado, Washington, and California. Although these three governments have legalized possession of small amounts of cannabis, they have not legalized cannabis itself. Instead, they allow individual states to regulate the production, possession, and distribution of it. The question is whether this regulation is constitutional or does it violate the rights of individuals to use cannabis as medicine, whatever the circumstances.

Delta-8 THC and CBD Lawmakers Aimed at Legalizing Pot Growers

Two bills that have been introduced into Congress this year would criminalize the growing, possessing, and selling of cannabis. If passed, these bills would create a Schedule II substance, which would put it in the same category as the Controlled Substances Act (CSA), which classifies most types of drugs and other substances considered as dangerous to the health of the population. According to the CSA, drugs are deemed uncontrolled when their use “without special precautions” or “in excess.” This definition is what marijuana is deemed to be because it has no unique or medical use. The Controlled Substances Act has been criticized by drug reform groups because it has overly punished consumers for minor personal use of a plant.

In addition to attempting to make cannabis a Schedule II drug, some bills would also criminalize anyone who “knowingly promotes, sells, provides, or advertises the use” of delta 9 THC or CBD. Delta-8-THC and CBD are the two main constituents of cannabis, but are also found in other plants. These include coca-cola and kava. While it is unlikely that the United States government will list any of these as drugs, it is likely that if the House passes H Respect for Our Soldiers Act that other medical cannabis extracts will be federally legal and regulated similarly to prescription drugs. If this happens, the black market for cannabis in the United States will be replaced by state-regulated businesses.

Many believe that delta-9 THC and CBD are not as dangerous as heroin and morphine, but new studies have shown that there are more cerebro-toxicant effects from ingesting the two than delta-8-THC. This may explain why there has been no concrete evidence linking cannabis with cancer. However, new studies continue to emerge on the harmful side effects of delta-9 THC and CBD.

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