Delivery robots: how Alibaba is accelerating the deployment of its “little donkeys”

Posted on Dec 9, 2019 2021 at 11:41Updated Dec 9, 2019 2021 at 11:44

“Hello, I am at work. Can you clear my way for me? “ In the shaded alleys of a chic residence in Hangzhou (in eastern China), the small black and white autonomous vehicle begins one of its twelve daily tours. It carries inside dozens of small packages bought on Taobao or Tmall, the e-commerce platforms of the giant Alibaba, whose head office is a few kilometers away.

“It’s very practical, especially when it’s raining and you don’t want to go to the drop-off center outside the residence, explains Yanhua, who has come to collect the purchase of a nail clipper. We receive an SMS when the robot approaches the building. He waits for us 3 minutes while we get off. “ To unlock the safe door and retrieve your package, all you have to do is enter a code on the screen of the delivery robot. It can deliver up to 50 packages at a time and travel 100 kilometers without recharging, says Alibaba.

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