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The following delicious soups will help you cool down and eat more deliciously on hot summer days.

1. Crab soup with spinach and taro

This is one of the delicious rustic summer dishes of Hanoi. A bowl of soup with soft cooked taro, greasy, chunky crab meat, crunchy spinach, soft green water spinach, and a few eggplants add a boost to your taste buds on a hot day.

Note: Hand pounded crab will taste better than ground crab, when pounding crabs, you should add a little salt to help the protein stick, the meat is flexible and create a block when cooking. Grinding more thoroughly and filtering many times will get a lot of meat and sauce, when cooked properly, it will float. Should not buy female crabs when spawning because the water is fishy and thin, and should not choose young crabs that cause bad odors.

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2. Mussels soup cooked with laksa leaves

According to Oriental medicine, mussel meat is cold, so it has the effect of clearing heat, low benefits, and thirst. Therefore, in the summer, housewives often give priority to boys for cooling soups. A bowl of mussel soup cooked with laksa leaves with naturally sweet and crispy mussel meat, a little sour, fragrant with laksa leaves – so simple, but so many delicious dishes and strange things give way.

Delicious soups for summer days - 1

Note that if you want to add a sour taste, add a spoon or a stick of tea because that way the broth will be clear and clear. When stir-frying mussels, stir-fry quickly over high heat, scoop out and put aside when the broth boils. Do not stir-fry mussels for too long, it will make the meat tough and shriveled.

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3. Don’s soup cooked with spinach

The donkey lives buried in the sand, has a thin shell, resembles a filling but is only 1-2 cm long, and is abundant in the seas. Don is cold, naturally sweet, has a diuretic effect, aeration, cools the liver, and cools the body.

Delicious soups for summer days - 2

A bowl of don’s soup cooked with spinach with sweet and juicy don’s meat mixed with the green color of spinach makes a famous soup in Tien Hai, Thai Binh in particular and many regions of the country on a summer day in general.

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4. Pineapple clam soup

The cool clam soup with soft clam meat, the sweet taste from pineapple and the sour taste from crocodile makes the meal more round. Pay attention not to stir-fry the clams because the meat is tough and dry. Only take about 1/2 of the clam broth to the broth, and add cold water because too much clam juice will have a bitter taste.

Delicious soups for summer days - 3

To create a sour taste, if you don’t have crocodile, you can replace it with vertical fruit, barberry, star fruit or vinegar.

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5. Banana flower soup with pig’s feet

According to Oriental medicine, banana flower is sweet, cold, has the effect of reducing stasis, smoothing the flow of blood, etc. Banana flower soup is not only good for women after giving birth but also nourishing in the early days of summer. painting.

Delicious soups for summer days - 4

The bowl of milky white soup is dotted with a few slices of red tomato, the pork leg meat is soft but still has a lumpy texture, the soft sweet banana flower is very harmonious in taste, as if awakening all the senses.

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