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Vermicelli is the most popular and easy-to-please dish. A delicious, nutritious bowl of vermicelli will quickly regain energy for the holidays.

1. Imitation civet vermicelli

Those who love street food in Hanoi will never forget the taste of fake civet vermicelli with soft pork leg meat, but still keep the crispy skin and texture, the water is golden, the aroma of galangal, shrimp paste. Picking up each roll of soft white vermicelli and dipping it into a bowl of golden, luscious water, many other foods will give way.

With simple ingredients, the way to make it is to pay attention to seasoning so that it is “old and young”, adding a little soy sauce to bring back the old taste.

To cook the nails soft enough, the pork leg meat is not too soft, you need to let the pork leg simmer first, then add the pork leg meat after 15 minutes. In some places, turmeric is replaced by diluted blood, added near the end to make the dish taste like plum machete.

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2. Quynh Coi fish soup

Quynh Coi fish soup from around the 17th century has been recorded in the list of typical Thai Binh delicacies. Today, this delicacy is listed in the top of the delicious noodle soup dishes of Vietnam. With simple everyday ingredients such as perch, rice paper, flexible seasonal vegetables … through meticulous and skillful processing, it creates a very rustic and dear country flavor.

Delicious noodle dishes for the holidays - 1

Over time, Quynh Coi fish soup spread to all parts of the country and has different versions, but the taste of the original dish is always marked by the right rustic but delicate nature like the beauty of the people here. You can make this delicious dish yourself at home.

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3. Crab noodle soup

Crab vermicelli vermicelli attracts foodies by its friendly and popular features. Each strand of vermicelli is soft and soaked in a bowl of golden crab, adding a little shrimp paste to taste, eating with chopped young lettuce, the fatigue will all disappear. Traditional Hanoi crab noodle soup has only rustic flavor from crab meat, crab bricks, tomatoes and spring onions.

Delicious noodle dishes for the holidays - 2

Over time, in order to “afternoon” people’s hearts, vermicelli noodles have variations with ear rolls, fried tofu, and scrambled duck eggs for a richer topping. Note that when processing, you should pound the crab with a mortar and add a little salt to create the protein adhesion to help get more meat and block when cooking rather than grinding.

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4. Grilled pork vermicelli

Vermicelli with grilled meat is a popular dish in the South. A bowl of vermicelli with rich toppings including fragrant, tender and naturally sweet grilled meat mixed with green vegetables, vermicelli and sweet and sour fish sauce creates an attractive colorful picture.

Delicious noodle dishes for the holidays - 3

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5. Stir-fried vermicelli with celery

Stir-fried vermicelli with celery (also known as “Xoi Ba Chua”) is a traditional dish in Co Loa, Dong Anh, Hanoi. Legend has it that, while preparing a banquet to treat guests for the wedding ceremony of Princess My Chau, the cook in a hurry should pour rice flour into the basket placed in the cauldron of boiling water. When the basket is lifted, the rice flour forms long, delicious white threads. There was still lard and celery in season, this person regretted the “rice fiber” so he fried it with celery. Surprisingly, when enjoying this dish, the guests all praised. Since then, the dish “Xèo” has become a specialty of Co Loa, gradually spreading throughout the Northern Delta region, associated with the meaning of the day of asking My Chau.

Delicious noodle dishes for the holidays - 4

The original dish is only fried vermicelli with celery. According to taste, you can flexibly add beef, pork or fat as you like. If you use Mai Trang vermicelli (handmade, long fiber), it is the best. Some people here have another way of doing it, which is vermicelli marinated with a little fish sauce, seasoning seeds, pork fat to loosen and absorb the flavor and then stir-fry.

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6. Fish noodle soup

This is a popular noodle dish, appearing in many regions throughout the country with topping variations to suit your taste. With a mild broth, each piece of golden fish is warm, crispy and delicious, keeping the rustic taste always “more expensive” than ever. The soul of this dish is the secret to frying fish fillets to keep the flavor but still crispy for a long time.

Delicious noodle dishes for the holidays - 5

Note: fish fillets after being washed need to be completely drained, sprinkled with a little salt to enhance the taste. Heat the oil slowly, then add the fish in batches. Wait until the golden fish is crispy before turning it over.

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7. Noodles with pork ribs cooked with crocodile

According to Oriental medicine, crocodile fruit is average, sour when green and slightly sweet when ripe. This fruit has the effect of refreshment, detoxification, alcohol detoxification, sore throat, cough relief, itchy rash… With its characteristic sour taste, crocodile fruit is favored by many housewives to be used in the processing of vermicelli. Cool ribs for summer days.

Delicious noodle dishes for the holidays - 6

This dish has simple ingredients and preparation, suitable for all ages. The ribs are tender, boneless, rich in flavor; moderately sour broth.

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