Delicious menu, good for the heart of many Vietnamese stars

The family of Huyen Thanh, Manh Truong, and Nam Thuong love salads, salmon, oats, seaweed… and fried with soybean oil because it’s good for the heart.

“Quality, delicious, heart-healthy meal” is the top criterion of model Chung Huyen Thanh every time I go to the kitchen. Due to the specifics of their work, she and her husband – actor Jay Quan – often had to shoot at night, with unstable diet and rest.

“I always try to be thoughtful in my meals, from choosing food and processing ingredients to improving health, especially preventing cardiovascular diseases,” said Chung Huyen Thanh.

The menu of the model family is quite sophisticated, but always has enough quality groups. Knowing that her husband and son love vinegar-oil salad, fried shrimp with pork belly, she often prepares these dishes. Accompanying it are cool soups such as: beef seaweed, bitter gourd cooked with sliced ​​waterfall fish, fresh red spinach with shrimp, crab noodle soup…

The model said: “I am quite picky, with high requirements for ingredients, clean vegetables, shrimp and fresh meat.” In addition, we also continuously choose foods that provide enough energy and basic nutrients for the heart such as salmon, oats, seaweed…

A full meal of Jay Quan and his wife – Chung Huyen Thanh. Image: Characters provided

Actor Manh Truong also respects home meals like Chung Huyen Thanh, likes to cook in the kitchen to cook the family’s favorite fried foods such as shrimp cakes, fried squid, french fries and serve with green vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers, and lettuce. .. He is not afraid to go to the market, choose a bunch of vegetables and fish.

“In order for the house to truly become a ‘home’, each member must consider housework as a common property and clearly recognize their responsibilities. I often film movies away from home, my wife has to shoulder the burden alone. So when I’m not busy filming, I definitely volunteer to go to the market, take advantage of the fried dishes for the whole family,” Manh Truong said.

Nam Thuong – actor cum hotmom has more than 357,000 followers on Facebook – loves salmon with orange sauce, salad… because it’s delicious and supports the heart. The beauty has two full-fledged and boring children (older Dau is 6 years old, baby Bun is 8 months old) so prioritize healthy foods, especially children’s heart health such as chocolate, fruits, whole grains. …

“I always prioritize heart-healthy foods like: vegetables, whole grains, whole-wheat bread, lean meat or skinless poultry. Besides that, I also add deep-sea fish, seeds and oils. Vegetables (brown rice oil, olives, sunflower, soybeans…).Every moment in the kitchen with Dau is a time when mother and daughter are closer together and also an opportunity for me to show Dau more things, especially is nutrition and healthy ingredients,” Nam Thuong said.

Nam Thuong shows off a salad and salmon with orange sauce.  Photo: Character provided

Nam Thuong shows off a salad and salmon with orange sauce. Image: Characters provided

The common point of the family Huyen Thanh, Manh Truong and Nam Thuong is that they believe in using Simply soybean oil because it provides all three types of Omega 3, 6,9 fatty acids, natural phytosterols, and vitamin E that are good for the heart; added more vitamin A

Huyen Thanh said: “I feel secure to cook with Simply soybean oil because it is recommended by the Vietnam Cardiology Association. Me and many sisters can enjoy researching new fried and fried dishes, contributing to contribute diversify daily meals”.

According to Nam Thuong, in addition to measuring nutritional diets and daily physical activity, a healthy child’s heart also depends on the addition of omega 3-6-9 polyunsaturated fats, vitamin E and natural phytosterols. However… She said: “These nutrients are all found in Simply soybean oil – an important ingredient that helps me cook Dau’s favorite fried foods”.

Manh Truong’s house “falls in love” with Simply soybean oil because of its high smoke point of up to 230 degrees Celsius, limiting the risk of burning, helping housewives easily prepare fried and fried dishes. “I feel even more reassured when I read the market research results of Kantar Vietnam, in 2022, Simply was voted as the ‘Most selected soybean oil brand 10 years in a row'”, the actor added. .

Manh Truong believes in using soybeans to cook delicious dishes for the whole family.  Photo: Character provided

Manh Truong believes in using soybeans to cook delicious dishes for the whole family. Image: Characters provided

According to Dr. Pham Tran Linh, soybean oil is a source of beneficial fats, contributing to reducing bad cholesterol in the blood, promoting blood circulation, reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension, atherosclerosis, and stroke. and heart attack… In addition, vitamin E and natural phytosterols can slow down the aging process.

Besides choosing the right food and cooking oil, star families also adjust their lifestyle to prevent cardiovascular disease and blood pressure such as balancing working time, increasing exercise, relaxing and keeping mood. happy, optimistic…

Similar to the above stars, artists Chieu Xuan, Thuy Hanh, Bao Thanh, Thanh Thao Hugo… also choose Simply to cook food for the family…

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