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Sticky rice, green rice, fried rice, fried rice, green rice with banana pepper are delicious dishes that encapsulate the elegant and pure flavor of Hanoi’s autumn.

Com is an elegant gift of Hanoi people. Enjoying nuggets is to enjoy the purest, most rustic taste of heaven and earth, so it needs to be leisurely, leisurely and contemplative. Delicious dishes from green rice are loved and missed by many people when they are away from Hanoi.

1. Sticky rice nuggets

Sticky sticky rice is made from fresh com, lotus seeds, green beans, grated coconut and then wrapped in lotus leaves, so it still retains the rustic flavor of heaven and earth. Many people like sticky rice nuggets because this dish still retains the elegant aroma of colostrum flavor in the nuggets.

Sticky sticky rice seeds are soft but still fresh, sweet, mixed with the fleshy taste of green beans, lotus seeds, and the fat of stir-fried coconut to create a delicate dish of Hanoi’s autumn.

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2. Green rice tea

If other tea dishes are attractive with a full topping, Che Com is attracted by the most primitive rustic features with a few simple ingredients (fresh nuggets, tapioca flour and rock sugar).

That’s why many expatriates fall in love with this tea because it retains the full flavor of the nuggets, the sweetness of alum sugar water, and the consistency of cassava.

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3. Fried rice

The blend of soft, flexible nuggets with greasy, crunchy grated coconut with a warm cup of lotus tea creates a very unique Hanoi autumn taste.

Stir-fried nuggets must be used fresh and then mixed with sugar water, mixed with grated coconut that has been soaked in sugar before, if you like, add a little coconut milk to make it greasy. To create cohesion, fried nuggets need deep sweetness, you can also adjust it according to your family’s taste.

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4. Fried nuggets

Cha com has a crispy outer shell, a soft, permeable inside, and the rustic aroma of the nuggets creates a very strange attraction. Cha com is also simple to make, fresh com is mixed with raw ham, a little minced shoulder meat, a little bit of fat is added to the diced part to prevent dryness, seasoned with delicious fish sauce, minced dried onions and pepper, and then rounded. To keep the sweetness of the dish, it is necessary to steam it, let it cool a bit, and then fry it until golden brown on low heat.

Over time, fried nuggets crept into the bean vermicelli noodles on the sidewalks, creating an unforgettable rustic dish of Hanoi.

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5. Banana pepper with com

Enjoy simple nuggets and keep the rustic look, especially dotted with banana and pepper. In the autumn, the pepper banana is “incubated” by the cold breeze, so it has a sweet taste with a mottled egg-colored shell. When eating, you must slowly break a banana in half, peel it gently and spread it like a petal, dip it into the nuggets and chew it slowly to feel the rustic herbal aroma of the autumn scent spreading gradually.

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The soft sweetness of the banana blends with the sticky taste of the nuggets, a little bit of lotus flavor left on the leaves… making anyone who enjoys it remember forever. The way to enjoy the nuggets also creates the elegance of the Trang An people.

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