Delicious dishes from copper perch

In the floating season from September to October, the field perch is full of eggs at the most delicious, is the raw material of the country foot dishes, reminding many people.

1. Deep-fried copper perch

The most idyllic and simple dish is the crispy, golden fried perch with chili garlic fish sauce.

The way to make this dish is also quite simple, the perch purchased is clean, completely dry so that when frying, there is no oil splash. Pay attention to the heat to avoid sticking to the pan, initially heat the pan to medium heat and spread the heat evenly, then add the cooking oil to heat. Divide the fish into batches, spread evenly, keep one side until crispy, then flip, fry the other side. If you want to be more crispy, fry it a second time. When the fish is fragrant, take it out and put it on a plate to enjoy.

2. Southern style braised perch

A typical dish of the floating season is braised copper perch. Each fish has a strong taste, the broth is thick, the aroma of pepper, green onions eaten with boiled vegetables will blow away the whole pot of rice in the rainy season.

Delicious dishes from copper perch - 1

Braised fish in Southern style cannot lack garlic, pepper, chili, coconut water. When stocking fish, if you add water, it is imperative that the water boils so it doesn’t get fishy. The experience of folk fish stock needs 2 times the fire will be rich and the sauce will be thick and attractive.

3. Quynh Coi fish soup – Thai Binh specialty

Along with banana flower vermicelli, Quynh Coi fish soup is a famous traditional dish of the homeland “two-year-old sister”.

Delicious dishes from copper perch - 2

Unlike fish vermicelli from other regions, Quynh Coi fish soup is marked by the technique of rimming fish with moderate fire so that the outside of the fish is golden brown, chewy and crispy, but the inside is still soft and sweet. fish. The broth is also carefully treated when adding natural herbs such as for old ginger, roasted dried onions for simmering and fragrant. Quynh Coi’s rice paper is both chewy and soft, creating a memorable highlight for the rustic dishes here.

4. Sticky rice with perch

Soft, stretchy white sticky rice mixed with rich rimmed fish, sprinkled with shiny chicken fat, sprinkled with fried onions to quickly warm your heart on a cold autumn day.

Delicious dishes from copper perch - 3

The secret to delicious sticky rice is to choose yellow-flowered glutinous rice with round, smooth, and fragrant grains of new rice. After that, soak the sticky rice for 6-8 hours until the sticky rice is full of water, then bring the sticky rice to the fire. Sticky rice with twice the fire is the golden key to stay flexible for a long time. At the first fire for 30 minutes, until the sticky rice is cooked, take it out and let it cool. At the 2nd time before eating, sprinkle a little cold water, chicken fat, mix well with cooked perch meat with sticky rice, continue to cook for 10-15 minutes until the sticky rice seeds are round, cloudy, and flexible.

5. Broccoli soup with perch

White fish meat, soft and sweet, stands out in the bowl of soup with young, hot green vegetables, quickly dispelling the early cold of the season.

Delicious dishes from copper perch - 4

When making this soup, pay attention to the preliminary processing: After cleaning, the perch is boiled until cooked with a little ginger and onion. Take out the fish, soak it in a bowl of water to cool it, then gently remove the bones of the ventral fins, back bones, and side fins, then scoop out the marinated fish meat with a little fish sauce, salt, seasoning, and pepper, and then lightly stir-fry until fragrant. The bones and fish head are simmered to sweeten the water, filtered and boiled water. Add the greens and cook them, season to taste, then scoop out and enjoy hot.

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