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Chicken dishes are loved by many people: Steamed chicken, grilled chicken, ginger-roasted chicken, frozen chicken, chicken noodle soup…

1. Ginger roasted chicken

The simplest, most popular dish in the cold weather is ginger roasted chicken. For people of the 8X generation and earlier, ginger roasted chicken is associated with many poor memories of the subsidy period.

The traditional ginger-roasted chicken dish does not use water, but dry roasted, nor marinated in sugar or water. The water and fat from the chicken exude a glossy, golden color mixed with the ginger to create a characteristic aroma. Choosing our hens to make this dish is the most delicious.

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2. Chicken noodle soup

Besides beef pho, chicken noodle soup is also a unique culinary feature of Hanoi people. The broth from traditional chicken noodle soup is stewed from sweet chicken bones, with a light scent from roasted coriander seeds (or replaced with coriander roots). Over time and taste, some people add cinnamon, star anise to enhance the smell.

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A hot bowl of chicken noodle soup with fatty chicken, thin, flexible white noodle soup, dotted with split flowers, scallions, and coriander quickly attracts attention at first sight.

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3. Steamed chicken with lotus leaves

Steamed Chicken in Lotus Leaf is a popular dish in many Asian countries. If in other versions, the sophisticated ingredients, braised lotus leaf package should overwhelm the aroma of chicken, then with Vietnamese style steamed lotus leaf chicken keeps the rustic part, so the meat is naturally sweet.

Delicious dishes from chicken - 2

The cooked chicken is tender and succulent without being dry like boiled chicken; Bui Bui lotus seeds, fragrant mushrooms, especially retain the scent of lotus leaves and still retain the scent of lotus petals. It all blends together like a sweet melody. This dish is very good for the body of people who have just woken up or have a weak body.

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4. Frozen Chicken

Along with winter-cooked pork, winter-cooked chicken is a traditional dish in the Tet tray of the people of the North. The chicken is tender, the wood ear is lumpy, and the fragrant mushrooms are intertwined in a clear, soft frosting layer that melts in the mouth when eaten. This dish is eaten with white rice and pickled sauerkraut or onion pickles.

Delicious chicken dishes - 3

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5. Northwest Grilled Chicken

This is a typical dish of the Thai people in the Northwest. When cooked, the chicken is golden brown, giving off the characteristic aroma of Mac Khen, Doi Seeds, and the sweet and spicy taste of Mac Khen as if it awakens all the senses. Depending on taste and conditions, there are 2 baking techniques: The traditional way of Thai people is that after wrapping dong leaves or banana leaves, they will cover / cover the outside with clay and then bake to keep the natural sweetness inside. in chicken. The second way is to bake crispy (without foil or foil), grill directly on charcoal or oven.

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6. Chicken cooked with onions and toothpicks from Nghe An

Onion toothpick (compressed bulb) is a typical spice in the cuisine of Nghe An people. According to Oriental medicine, shallots are spicy, warm, expectorant, relieve cough, detoxify, and disinfect. The chicken dish cooked with onions is both simple and has a healing effect, good for colds. The cooking method of the Nghe people keeps the rustic taste when only marinating and seasoning with salt to keep the rustic sweetness of the chicken.

Delicious chicken dishes - 5

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7. Mixed chicken noodle soup

Take advantage of the leftover boiled chicken to make mixed flavor chicken noodle soup. Mixed pho with sweet and salty taste, crispy chicken, roasted peanuts, fried onions, herbs. Finally, drizzle with strawberry soy sauce, mix well and enjoy the deliciousness in each piece of meat and noodles. To prevent dryness, eat pho mixed with the soup is a bowl of broth from hot chicken broth with a little green onion.

Delicious chicken dishes - 6

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