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Only 20-40 minutes, you will have a delicious breakfast or snack with convenient, fast and economical snacks.

1. Onion cake

Green Onion Cakes is a rustic, delicious, and popular dish in China, Korea and some Western countries. With the main ingredients of flour and green onions and a simple way to make, onion cakes are loved by many people because of their delicious and strange taste. Each piece of crispy, multi-layered cake brings up the aroma of scallions to create an attractive aftertaste right from the first time you enjoy it.

How to do it in detail: See here

2. Pepper cake

Pepper cake is a familiar dish with many people’s childhood after school. The image of a simple cake with a crispy golden crust, slightly chewy and spongy, with the aroma of sesame seeds and the sound of a bell becomes a part of childhood memories.

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How to do it in detail: See here

3. Baked rice paper

Baked rice paper is a famous snack in Da Lat. This dish is called ‘Vietnamese Pizza’ by many international foodies because of its pizza-like shape with pure Vietnamese filling. With simple ingredients and recipes, you’ll bring home the taste of Dalat with this delicious snack in a snap.

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How to do it in detail: See here

4. Cakes from Nghe An

Sweet cake (also known as honey cake) is a rustic cake often cooked on the night of the 30th New Year of the people of Nghe An. The soft, supple crust combines with the sweet taste of molasses and the warm smell of ginger to create a delicious and warm cake. Original shavings made from tapioca, molasses, ginger. Today, cakes are made from pre-ground glutinous rice flour, which is very convenient.

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How to do it in detail: See here

5. Quick rolls from rice paper

On the days of separation, you can quickly transform banh cuon with different versions with a crust made from rice paper. Soft and chewy cakes combined with delicious wood ear meat, dipped in sweet and sour fish sauce make for a breakfast or snack for children during online school days.

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Details: See here

6. Pizza noodles with shrimp

With a little variation from simple ingredients, you will have a delicious dish for the little ones right away. Crispy golden shrimp noodles combined with greasy cheese and optional toppings, plus the aroma of fried onions.

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How to do it in detail: See here

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