Decorating the clock in the house according to the principles of feng shui

Many people wonder if watches have feng shui value; Whether wearing, hanging or placing this furniture will help the house to be prosperous or not.

Today, there are conflicting views on the feng shui value of watches.

Most new views believe that clocks have good feng shui value, especially large wall clocks, pendulum clock cabinets. Decorating the clock in accordance with feng shui will make an important contribution to improving and enhancing the fortune in the family. Hanging, placing the pendulum clock in the living room is very necessary.

However, there is also a view that assets should be static and not dynamic. Hanging, placing a pendulum clock that often makes noise in the house is not good. If it is not possible to build a separate living room separate from the family’s living space, the clock should not be played.

Some people also believe that watches bring bad luck to business activities, merchants, the elderly; so don’t give them watches…

And yet, many people also believe that clocks have many negative effects on feng shui, do not hang (set) the clock symmetrically with the bed to avoid creating a gloomy, boring atmosphere (regular ticking). . Do not hang the clock above the sofa to avoid creating great psychological pressure on the people sitting below. Do not hang the clock facing the inside of the house, do not face the bagua-shaped furniture or similar to the shape of the clock to avoid the owner being mentally inhibited.

Not only is the object used to measure time, the clock also causes many homeowners “headaches” for fear of violating feng shui. Photo: Visual Hunt

Before concluding these notions are true or false, we need to remember that a watch is not a magical weapon or a feng shui item.

Depending on the size, clocks can be divided into two main groups: wristwatches and wall clocks, set up. In which the group of actual wristwatches as well as ordinary jewelry rings and rings, the influence on feng shui can be considered as zero. So just follow the traditional view of “men wear the left hand, women wear the right hand”, and choose to buy according to personal preferences for use.

In the group of wall clocks, we also only discuss the feng shui influence of large block-shaped pendulum clocks, clocks that are combined with decoration (mounted) on a picture.

Because the watch making material is metal combined with good wood, the main color is reddish brown, so its five elements belong to the metal prosperity. Analyzed according to the principle of birth and engraving of the five elements, Fire engraves Kim, but when Kim prospers (met) Fire will create good and useful objects.

The Kim owner of “meaning” should represent enthusiasm, spirit of determination, the will to be unafraid of danger, always overcoming all difficulties to rise up. Kim’s resilience is met with the enthusiasm and brilliance of Fire, forged into useful objects.

The meaning of Golden Prosperity wins Fire arduous training will definitely succeed, according to the principle “God before assigning a big task (career, success) to someone, also forces them to practice and challenge”. This is a symbol suitable for people with breakthrough thinking and entrepreneurs. Not afraid of hardships, with determination, energy, intelligence, concern and calculation, success is achieved.

With the characteristics of the five elements of the clock as mentioned above, although large watches (mainly pendulum clocks) do not have the features of feng shui items, do not help homeowners improve and enhance their fortune, but when used for interior decoration must still adhere to the principles of feng shui. Need to avoid Kim (clock) due to conflict with Wood and Fire (the body and paint color of the clock) causing local killing intent in the layout space.

Accordingly, wall clocks, large pendulum clocks are best hung (placed) in the Tho (Thin – Tuat – Ox – Mui) in the architectural space, the great cavalry of the four main palaces (Ty – Horse) – Rabbit – Rooster). Depending on the direction of the house, the direction of the room for appropriate layout, specifically as follows:

Houses facing south can hang (set) clocks in the Ox, Thin, Mui, Khon or Tuat palaces; Great cavalry in the direction of the South, the Can and the Pig.

In the southwest direction, the clock can be hung (set) in the signs of the Goat, Khon, Tuat, and Can; The great cavalry of the Canh and Dinh palaces.

Houses facing the West can hang (set) clocks at the Can, Ox, Tuat, Khon, Mui palaces; The great cavalry of the Dragon, the Rooster and the Snake.

Houses facing the Northwest can hang (set) clocks in the signs of the Dog, the Ox, the Dragon, the Goat; the great cavalry of the Can, the Tan, the Nham, the Pig, and the Horse.

North facing houses can hang (set) clocks in the Goat, Khon, Tuat, Ox; The great cavalry of the Dragon, the Horse and the Rat.

Houses facing the Northeast can hang (set) clocks in the Ox, Can, Thin, and Tuat palaces; the great cavalry of the Dan, the Giap, and the Quy.

Houses facing the East can hang (set) clocks in the signs of the Goat, the Dog, the Can, the Dragon; The great cavalry of the Rabbit, the Khon, the Rat and the Horse.

In the southeast direction, the clock can be hung (set) in the Dragon, Mui, Tuat, Ox, and Can zodiacs; The great cavalry of the Rat, At and Binh palaces.

In addition, because the watch face is mainly made of glass or reflective materials, it is necessary to pay attention when hanging (placed) to avoid “optical observation”; means to comply with the principle of using mirrors (glass) in interior decoration.

Every clock runs continuously, so of course it is impossible not to make a ticking sound, the pendulum cannot stop oscillating. However, since the pendulum resides in the watch’s own space, like a sword in its sheath, it is completely harmless; the sound of the clock belongs to the “sign” in the pentatonic, that is, belongs to Kim. Clocks placed in the five elements of the Earth are mutual birth, air strikes and killing intent.

In short, a watch is an object used to measure time, without feng shui features like magic tools or feng shui items. Watches do not have the ability to improve and enhance the fortune of the owner, there is no taboo in the activities of buying, selling, giving, collecting, decorating, jewelry…

When using wall clocks, large pendulum clocks in interior decoration, it is only necessary to pay attention to avoid or limit the possibility of conflicts between its main five elements and the five elements of the palace where the layout is located; The direction of the watch face ensures the principle of using glass mirrors. And if you are given (given) a watch, please treasure it and use it because it is your affection and luck.

Cultural researcher Pham Dinh Hai


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