Deconfinement: there will ultimately be no gauge for small terraces

Reopen the terraces and only be able to accommodate three or four tables, this is what many small establishments feared, because of the gauges imposed by the government for deconfinement. Gauges whose “small” terraces will ultimately be exempted. “There won’t be any, but on the other hand, professionals will have to install a hard partition between the tables, like a Plexiglas fixed at human height so that there is no proximity between consumers”, Minister Delegate for SMEs Alain Griset announced on Wednesday 12 May at “Parisien”.

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While gauges at 50% of the capacity had been set for the reopening of the terraces of cafes and restaurants, scheduled for May 19, this limit was a problem for owners of small establishments, to the point that some were reluctant to pass their turn. .

7 or 8 tables

“If you are a very small terrace, that you have four tables and that one asks you to pass to two, there I perfectly hear the restaurateurs who say to us: it is not worth the blow to reopen”, conceded this morning Bruno Le Maire, questioned on CNews. The Minister of the Economy had announced that this fear would be taken into account, and that an adjustment to the rule would be considered.

It remains to be seen what exactly constitutes a “Small” terrace. “There is no absolute rule, this is the reason that will predominate, but we consider that a restaurant owner who has 7 or 8 tables in normal times has a small terrace”, considers Alain Griset.

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Barely above this limit, Giulia Callegari has a dozen tables on the terrace of her restaurant Barock’s, in Issy-les-Moulineaux. Questioned by the “Parisian”, she expresses her deliverance from this relief, which allows her to install five more tables: “It relieves me, I will be able to reopen reservations because with the gauge, everything was full for Wednesday. ” She specifies that the instructions for installing partitions, on the other hand, remain a little vague.

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