Decode the taboos on feng shui doors

Recently, there are many feng shui taboos according to folk experience about doors that are popularized online.

Some examples of taboos are, do not open the door to see a mirror or sharp object, do not hang a mirror opposite the door that adversely affects the health of the homeowner, do not design hygiene right at the door, Open the door to meet the vase, open the door to meet the refrigerator, should not open the door too high… They make homeowners, especially apartment dwellers very confused because if they don’t do that, there is no other way.

In house feng shui, the door (gate) in general and the entrance door in particular has a particularly important role, directly affecting the fortune of the owner. All effects on the door, from the outside, the internal air to the color, light, size… are related to the luck of a yang ze. The conservatives even absolutize the feng shui role of the door to the point of saying that it determines 80% of the good – bad of a house.

According to feng shui, the door directly affects the fortune and fortune of the owner. Photo: Rubner

The biggest limitation of this view is naturalist thinking, seeing fennel is called Wood, seeing water is called Thuy, not sticking to the essential elements of feng shui, too attached to folk experiences. Therefore, their advice often lacks comprehensiveness, negatively affecting social life, especially in the context of strong and rapid urbanization today.

Feng shui is not a knowledge system to distinguish luck – bad luck, choose good and avoid evil. It is a tool to help people choose, apply, create and protect the living environment in accordance with natural laws in each specific situation. There is no common denominator for all feng shui solutions, only common principles that cover all individual cases. In other words, there is no place for folk experience in the design and handling of feng shui issues.

Here is an explanation of some common folk taboos about doors.

Taboo to open the door to see the mirror When you return home, the light has not been turned on and you have seen a shadow in the mirror, which will cause the homeowner to have nightmares, insomnia, and poor sleep. Mirrors represent evil and bad luck, so hanging a mirror on the door is not advisable. The mirror in the main door will adversely affect the homeowner, especially the female householder. The mirror pushes all the fortune in the house to the street and prevents the god of fortune from entering the house.

In fact, feng shui is only forbidden to hang a mirror directly at the head of the bed, altar, reflect the sun on the seat or let outsiders see the interior. Any other case of hanging mirrors for decorative purposes, creating a good sense of space and light is not taboo.

It is forbidden to enter the house to meet the bathroom immediately The argument is that opening the door to meet the bathroom causes the owner to have bad luck, affecting the health of family members. Men often have kidney and bladder diseases, fatigue, and memory loss; Women often have abdominal pain during menstruation, heavy bleeding may occur, pregnant women give birth prematurely. This point of view is also related to the sanitary design in the middle of the room, the L-shaped house, and the back house.

In fact, although Bat Trach feng shui can guide you to use the “compassion of the gods” (using the restroom to cover up a bad position in the house), it is not a big deal to design the restroom in the door area. in and out. It should be known that, in ancient architecture, the direction and position of the door is usually consistent with the direction of the house (good direction). Of course, no one puts the toilet in front of the house.

The current situation is completely different (not to mention the progress in construction techniques, modern material technology), the main door of the apartment is mostly just the entrance, the opening and closing, the air and very little or no light enters the house through the main door. The direction of the apartment building is mainly taken according to the loggia, windows, places that can “progress” to bring light and air into the house.

Taoism, especially feng shui, does not distinguish clean – dirty, does not confuse clean – dirty with good – bad. Translation studies say “Thai chi gives birth to doubt, and dualism gives birth to four statues”. All things have the same origin, from the extremes, they change into many different shapes, but they do not distinguish between precious, clean and dirty. All interactions between things are just right or wrong. Therefore, cleaning only needs to be designed in a bad position according to feng shui, convenient and space saving. Of course, if you can design the toilet in a certain corner away from the main door, the center of the apartment, the better.

Applying feng shui methodology to explain taboos according to the above-mentioned folk experiences can be easy right and wrong recognition of other folk taboos such as opening the door to meet the refrigerator (because this item is only suitable for the corners of the house) to avoid the homeowner having many disadvantages, financial deterioration, working twice as hard as others to hope for success; It is forbidden to open the door to meet the flower vase to avoid affecting the couple’s relationship, causing peach blossom murder…

About the taboo, don’t open the door too high In order to avoid encountering many negative stories, prosperity and dissipation, do not make dome doors, many people find it difficult or impossible to overcome, especially when the house has been built or the apartment building is not allowed to change the structure.

In fact, the size of the door, especially the main door, greatly affects the fortune and fortune of the owner. This view has a basis when it is not recommended to open the door too high; but the problem is that the corresponding height of the door relative to the ceiling height is not stated. Therefore, if the door size matches the number of Lu Ban, it does not have to be changed; Particularly taboo should not do the dome door is without scientific basis, contrary to the aesthetic principle of feng shui.

Cultural researcher Phan Vu Manh Duc


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