Death numbers are skyrocketing: That’s how bad the situation in Haiti is

Les Cayes – After the earthquake in the southern Caribbean state of Haiti, 1,297 bodies have now been recovered. The number of people injured in Saturday’s 7.2 magnitude quake rose to more than 5,700.

More victims are feared, buried under thousands of destroyed buildings. Including houses, hotels, schools and churches!

Ulrike and Reinhard Schaller experienced the quake first-hand on Saturday morningPhoto: Christian Spreitz

BILD is in contact with the couple Ulrike and Reinhard Schaller. The Germans have been living in the region affected by the earthquake for years, working there as development workers.

“My wife was back at Les Cayes hospital yesterday to take care of patients. It’s full of people. There are many injured mainly fractions. People are also treated outside the hospital because aftershocks are feared, ”said Reinhard Schaller on Monday to BILD.

This building in Les Cayes was completely destroyed

This building in Les Cayes was completely destroyedPhoto: STANLEY LOUIS / AFP

“It hit some large multi-story houses in the city. We will only find out in the next few days what the epicenter looks like. It takes a while for all the information to become known from outside, ”adds Schaller and expects a large number of deaths due to the dense development.

Seriously injured people are flown out.  More planes bring food and medicine to Les Cayes

Seriously injured people are flown out. More planes bring food and medicine to Les CayesPhoto: Reinhard Schaller

While his wife Ulrike takes care of patients, Reinhard Schaller helps with the transport and unloading of medical aids at the airport: “On Sunday there were flights from everywhere. Seriously injured people are flown out. ”

“The city is really in a panic”

Memories of 2010 are awakened when a devastating earthquake in the capital Port-au-Prince, with around 222,000 dead, severely shook the Caribbean seeds. “The city is really in a panic. Last night a lot of people slept on the street, almost like we saw it on January 12, 2010 in Port-au-Prince, “the British Guardian quoted 40-year-old Roody Bouilly, who works in the telecommunications industry in Les Cayes .

Rescue workers clear debris with an excavator after the 7.2 magnitude earthquake

Rescue workers clear debris with an excavator after the 7.2 magnitude earthquakePhoto: Jiang Gong / dpa

The local development worker Alinx Jean-Baptiste described the current situation to BILD: “Hospitals in the south are overcrowded. There were numerous aftershocks. Most of all, people need tents, tarpaulins, water, food and medicine. ”According to Jean Baptiste, the gangsters in Martissant (south of Port-au-Prince) have held a kind of truce to ensure that these aids arrive.

New danger from tropical storm “Grace”

In addition to the already difficult conditions, the rescue workers and helpers are now also fighting against time: With the tropical low “Grace” expected for Monday evening, the next natural disaster is already looming. Meteorologists warn of heavy rain, strong winds and mudslides.

Meanwhile, help is arriving from abroad: the US aid organization Usaid dispatched a 65-strong search and rescue team. According to its own statements, the US Army provided an air reconnaissance team in the affected areas and four helicopters for aid deliveries. Cuba and Ecuador also sent medical and rescue teams. The Dominican Republic announced a shipment of 10,000 rations of food and medical equipment.


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