Dealers from the nursery: New drug charges against “Shiny Flakes”

Leipzig – New material for another sequel to the Netflix series “How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast)”: Template provider Maximilian Schmidt (27), who as a drug baron from the children’s room has already been in juvenile prison for several years, will probably have to go back to the dock for drug trafficking.

An indictment was filed against Schmidt and four alleged accomplices at the Leipzig Regional Court, reports the “Leipziger Volkszeitung” (LVZ). The former LKA President Petric Kleine had already confirmed in 2021 in the documentary about Schmidt “Shiny_flakes: The Teenage Drug Lord”, which was also shown on Netflix, that there were new investigations against Maximilian Schmidt.

Apparently, the suspicion that the children’s room dealer “Shiny Flakes” is again dealing on a large scale has been confirmed. By the time he was first arrested in 2015, Schmidt is said to have sold almost a ton of drugs via his online shop on the dark web. Addicts from all over the world got almost any drug from the Leipziger, who had his depot in the children’s room. The only thing Schmidt didn’t sell was heroin.

The true story of the Leipzig nursery dealer served as a template for this Netflix series

Photo: © Netflix / Royalty-free press photo

According to the LVZ, there are now six new cases of illegal drug trafficking. The public prosecutor accuses Schmidt and his gang of sending around 500 shipments of illegal drugs from 2019 to 2021.

This time the drug store is said to have been an apartment on Prager Strasse. Instead of a ton, this time it is “only” about 16.5 kilos of amphetamine, 2.5 kilos of hashish, two kilos of MDMA, 500 grams of methamphetamine and 350 grams of cocaine, reports LVZ.

The trade in more than 1000 tablets and medicines is also accused.

The Shiny Flakes Case

Hashish, pills, coke, speed or LSD: It was a spectacular blow to the drug scene. On February 27, 2015, the police arrested Maximilian Schmidt from Leipzig and discovered the unimaginable amount of 314 kilograms of drugs (minimum sales value: 4.1 million euros). In addition, 48,000 euros in cash were secured in the children’s room of the big dealer.

On the basis of evidence, further investigations revealed that the accused had sold at least 600 kilograms of drugs and, among other things, thousands of prescription drug tablets via his online shop “Shiny Flakes” on the so-called dark web – worldwide. According to prosecutors, even junkies from Australia and America were among the children’s room dealer’s customers.

Leipzig's former police chief Bernd Merbitz (front) presented the drugs found in Schmidt's children's room in 2015

Leipzig’s former police chief Bernd Merbitz (right) presented the drugs found in Schmidt’s children’s room in 2015

Photo: Bernhard Nathke

Drug handovers took place in the middle of the day right on Maximilian’s doorstep. He felt safe. The police would never have found him online.

“His e-mails were encrypted, he used IP addresses from all over Germany, and he stashed his money in various accounts that he had opened online with forged papers,” said chief investigator Rocco Döhring at the time.

Maximilian Schmidt was even so hard-nosed that he had his drugs tested for purity in laboratories. Döhring completely flabbergasted: “There are rarely such clean drugs on the market. He didn’t have heroin on sale because he wasn’t happy with the quality.”

Schmidt during his 2015 trial

Schmidt during his 2015 trial

Photo: Silvio Buerger

In the real world, he wasn’t that clever: Schmidt saved on postage and was sloppy when it came to recipient addresses. “Some of the packages ended up in hallways, where residents finally opened them and went to the police.” This was followed by the observation of a packing station, which finally led the police to track down the drug dealer.

Schmidt was later sentenced to seven years in prison under juvenile justice. He was released early from prison three years ago.

Now the nursery dealer is threatened with jail again…


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