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Heiligenhafen – 16 plus 8 minus 20? But that is…

… simply for the Bernese Mountain Dog Davinus (8). No sooner has his mistress Angelina Kruse (61) from Heiligenhafen (Schleswig-Holstein) given him the task than the dog knocks her on the arm four times. Correct!

He can’t read, but Davinus likes to solve arithmetic problems like these with his mistress Angelina Kruse on the beach. When she’s not practicing with her dog, she’s working on her book on Davinus – still looking for a publisher


Owner Angelika zu BILD: “Plus and minus arithmetic up to 25 is no problem for him.”

Actually, she just wanted to teach her four-legged friend to count, so she let him practice it on treats. Then she tried the next step: “I noticed early on that Davinus understands connections well and is very intelligent. But when he managed to do the math, even I was amazed. ”

But how did Davinus learn that?

Dog trainer Nicole Groth (48) to BILD: “Dogs can certainly not count in the sense in which we do it. But dogs are very docile. Through constant repetition, dogs can establish connections, for example knowing how often they have to knock on which question in order to be rewarded with a treat. “

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But that even a genius can sometimes be wrong, Davinus shows when he has to calculate 9 minus 6 – and his mistress pats one too often on the arm. She also has an explanation ready: “If tasks are too easy for him, it can happen.”


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