Darmstadt: Three injured in the explosion in the clubhouse

Darmstadt (Hesse) – Members of the Darmstadt bird club “Exokan” wanted to make themselves comfortable in their clubhouse on Saturday when suddenly all hell broke loose: A loud explosion shook the hut, which was immediately engulfed in flames.

Three club members were able to escape into the open, a fourth man (66) lost consciousness and collapsed!

︎ A 39-year-old who was nearby and became aware of the fire reacted immediately. According to the police, he climbed into the burning hut through a window and brought the unconscious man outside. With his courageous act he probably saved the life of the second chairman of the association.

The 66-year-old and a 61-year-old were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. The rescuer also suffered minor injuries, but did not require treatment.

The approximately 200 birds are alert

According to initial findings by the police, a gas oven is said to have exploded. The fire brigade was able to bring the fire under control, but the clubhouse burned down completely. According to the police, the damage amounts to several tens of thousands of euros. The cause of the explosion has yet to be determined. Club cashier René Kern (61) said to BILD: “The police will come on Monday, until then nobody is allowed to enter the premises.”

The terrain after usePhoto: 5vision.media

According to Kern, there are around 180 to 200 birds housed in aviaries on the club premises. The animals apparently escaped with a fright. Kern: “They only got a little bit of smoke, but are otherwise very alert.”


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