Danish politician tortures woman with branding iron

It is unbelievable! The young blonde woman is lying on her stomach naked on a lounger. She is tied with a narrow, black belt and cannot move. Then a man comes with a 1400 degree hot and white-hot branding iron and burns the letters J and T on her bottom. The brand is the size of the palm of your hand.

The man who carried out this torture and who also recorded everything on video is not a medieval slave trader. It is the Danish local politician John Rosenhøj.

The letters J and T, which he branded on the young woman, stand for John and Taurus, his nickname in the porn world. Because the politician has been known and active in this industry for years. He is said to have molested hundreds of women over the past few decades. Behind the idyllic facade – he lives with his wife in an old half-timbered house – pure horror must have reigned. Insiders told BILD that the wife even participated in the abuse.

The Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet published the photo evidence on Monday showing how brutal the politician was.

A woman collapsed

As a member of the right-wing populist Danish People’s Party (DF), John Rosenhøj received an impressive 45 percent of the votes in his home municipality Odder in the local elections in 2017. For the upcoming local elections in November, he was considered a sure candidate for mayor.

In mid-September, a former prostitute reported in “Ekstra Bladet” that Rosenhøj had hired her as a sex slave and loaned her to numerous other men.

The woman who calls herself Viktoria: “Most of my clients came through John. He chose her. It got more and more extreme, especially popular was “Scat”, that got really extreme over time. ”“ Scat ”is a perversion in which those involved rub themselves with feces during sex. This practice is also known as caviar sex in Germany.

“When I was there, I just wanted to get through this hour as quickly as possible. Afterwards I was completely exhausted and in pain all over the place. When I got home I cried. The limits are being set higher and higher for such things. In the end, I was mentally and emotionally a wreck. “

Getting out of the car seemed impossible. The politician had videos and photos from the sex meetings. The woman was therefore very afraid that he would publish something on the Internet and that her children would find out about her life as a prostitute. It was only when she completely collapsed that she managed to escape his clutches.

An insider told BILD: “This man is terrible, he has to be stopped. He must have abused hundreds of women. He is also looking for women in German-speaking countries who can participate in something like this. “

End of political career

His party reacted with horror to the young woman’s confessions. John Rosenhøj therefore resigned from the party on September 18 and withdrew his candidacy for mayor. However, he wanted to stay on the Odder city council until the end of the year.

However, with the new harrowing details about John Rosenhøj, it is likely that his political career is now drawing to a close.

Ekstra Bladet has not been able to find the woman depicted in the photos.

If it can be proven that he brokered clients for the prostitute, he can be prosecuted for pimping.

By the way: Rosenhøj and his party ensured that branding horses was banned in Denmark in 2010. He is considered a great horse lover.


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