Cuxhaven: Previously ill child (12) died after a second Corona vaccination

In the Lower Saxony district of Cuxhaven there is a child (12) two days after his coronaSecond vaccination died.

Because of the close temporal connection, the autopsy of the body had been commissioned by the health department, which had already taken place, the district announced on Wednesday.

“Although the final autopsy report is not yet available, the preliminary autopsy protocol already suggests that the child died as a result of the vaccination,” said a statement from the district.

However, due to the child’s previous illnesses, according to the Forensic Medicine Institute of the University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf, another cause of death cannot yet be completely ruled out.

Now the fine tissue examinations are to be completed. Results are expected by Thursday.

Reported deaths related to a corona vaccination in children and adolescents are extremely rare. The Paul Ehrlich Institute lists five such suspected cases by September 30th, which relate to a fatal outcome within 2 to 24 days after a Biontech vaccination. According to the institute, at least three of the young people had serious previous illnesses.

The head of the health department in Cuxhaven, Kai Dehne: “We are confronted with a particularly tragic case here.”

From a purely statistical point of view, serious vaccine side effects resulting in death are extremely rare, Dehne said. “But the affected family is hit one hundred percent with all mercilessness. My deepest sympathy belongs to the relatives. “

According to NDR, the district made the case public before the final autopsy result because rumors had surfaced on social networks.


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