Current unemployment benefit rules extended until end of September

The current compensation rules for job seekers will be extended until the end of September, as a result of the Council of State’s decision suspending the new calculation method which was to come into force on July 1, according to a draft decree. consulted Friday by AFP.

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The document, sent Thursday evening to the social partners, “Aims to draw the consequences of the decision” of the Council of State which suspended Tuesday the provisions “Relating to the new methods of calculating the return-to-work allowance” as part of the controversial reform of unemployment insurance, says the Ministry of Labor.

“In order to allow the calculation of the allowance for employees deprived of employment from July 1, 2021, the decree maintains until September 30, 2021 the application of the corresponding provisions of the unemployment insurance agreement of April 14, 2017”, indicates the ministry in the presentation sheet of the decree.

A decree issued urgently to apply the reform

As soon as the Council of State’s decision was announced, the Minister of Labor Elisabeth Borne had indicated that she intended to publish ” emergency “ such a decree so that the current rules can continue to apply “Beyond July 1”.

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Seized by the unions, the highest administrative court ruled that “The uncertainties about the economic situation do not allow us to set up” the new rules provided for by the reform, “Which are supposed to promote job stability by making unemployment compensation less favorable for employees who have alternated short contracts and inactivity”.

An “unchanged” ambition

The Ministry of Labor ensures that “The government’s ambition remains unchanged”, and argues that the Council of State does not “Not call into question the principle of the reform”, while the remedies ” basically “ unions will be judged “Within a few months”, depending on the administrative jurisdiction.

Arguing that activity is resuming, Elisabeth Borne affirmed that the government intends to endeavor to “Reassure more about the economic situation on the job market, and therefore how we can respond to concerns” of the Council of State and “Look for the best way for a rapid implementation of the reform”. The government has indicated that it will soon specify “The modalities of a rapid implementation of the reform”, without further details at this stage.

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“The objective is that it will apply in the coming months”, ” before the end of the year “government spokesman Gabriel Attal told BFM on Wednesday.

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