Cuddling at the police station: cat Paula visits the police!

Waldkraiburg – Cuddling at the police station!

House cat Paula has escaped. The kitten sat frightened at a crossroads in Waldkraiburg on Saturday. A passer-by collected the animal – in the cat transport basket directly to the police.

Our heroes in blue took good care of the fluffy escapee. “At the office, our cat whisperers fed the four-pawed visit and of course extensive stroking could not be missing,” writes the Oberbayern Süd police on Facebook.

Paula enchanted the whole service group with her big, green eyes – immediately confiscated a uniform jacket as a new blanket. Well, if the police dogs don’t get jealous…

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The officials were able to use Paula’s chips to locate the owner, an animal protection association. After five relaxing hours at the station, Paula went home.


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